When you have a specific brand, you don’t want to confuse your audience with different visuals and messages. You need to stick with your one tone of voice, key messages, color scheme, styles of print materials, and everything in between. If these don’t go hand in hand, it will be hard for customers to put together what your company is really about. Here are two reasons why you should be consistent with your brand:

People will remember you better

The more people are surrounded by something, the more likely that they will remember it. Pretty soon, when they see your logo or see a tagline similar to yours, people will think of your company. That is how your brand and business will grow. You want people to make connections in their head when they see your brand everywhere. That’s why you have to be consistent with your marketing materials so people don’t get mixed pictures and they will remember you specifically.

Builds trust in your brand

Picture this. You are going to a website for a tax company with a modern look and professional tone of voice with a color scheme of blue. Then you go to their Facebook which has a different logo, different tone of voice, and it’s obvious they haven’t updated their site. Would you want to do business with them, or would you trust the company that looks the same no matter what medium they are using? People will recognize that you are on top of your game, and will most likely choose you against your inconsistent competitors.

Always remember, consistency is key when building a brand. Contact us, and let us help you!