Our Story

How it Began

In June 2011 Boral Branders, LLC was founded in Houston, Texas.

We, sisters Brenda and Patricia Boral, founded Boral Branders with the purpose of supporting other businesses grow and succeed. Our mission is to help our clients with smart strategies.

During the first six months, we did market research to find what our customers truly needed. That’s when we realized we needed to become a one-stop shop marketing firm.

On Demand Project Client
On Demand Project Client

What Happened Next

After completing the market research and with our target in mind we started operations end of January 2012. By February, only one month after starting operations, our sales were higher than $6K.

The first year of operations we established our main providers’ database for promotional products and joined the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The second year of operations, 2013, we set our minds to duplicate our sales numbers. We closed the year with 278% increase in sales and over 40 new customers. We opened our office in September 2013 and welcomed two staff members to the team.


Our business has grown because we care about our customers. We connect with them, learn about their business goals and objectives, and together develop and implement successful strategies.

With an Emerging Business of the Year Award, a Business Journal Spread, and various speaking engagements under our belt we can’t help but look forward to our future and see what kind of new projects and opportunities come our way.

On Demand Project Client