When it’s Time to Bring Your Brand Back to Life

One of the most common struggles we help our clients through is letting go of an old brand. We understand how it feels. It’s a tough choice, which is why bringing in the professionals can be so beneficial during the transition.

Rebranding should be celebrated as a milestone.

So, is it time to do some Spring cleaning with your brand? Let’s find out.

1. Your audience has changed.

Have you ever been so focused on your work, then looked up to see an empty office?

Hey, where did everyone go?

The dedication you have for your product or service leads your company, which is great! Just don’t forget it’s not the only factor for success! You need to know and understand who your target audience is and how to sell your brand to them. Sometimes this means changing your branding strategy as generations grow and change.

Remember: Society moves forward constantly. Embrace cultural changes by thinking out of the box with branding strategies that communicate to a diverse market.  Do you want to know how your logo defines you?

P.S- You could also have targeted the wrong buyer, but don’t worry! There’s a quick fix! Just look at Old Spice! They thought, “Are men really the buyers of our men’s deodorant?” When they realized it was men’s wives, girlfriends, or women in general who were actually purchasing their product, they quickly rebranded. Now we all identify Old Spice with the signature strong man with a deep voice in just a towel.

2. You forgot about the competition.

Who’s the new kid on the block? And why does everyone like his shoes more than mine?

Have you heard that competition is good for business? It’s true! Competition drives the economy, which is why it’s crucial to keep up with your competitors. When a similar product or service is doing better, it means that there is a demand for what you’re selling. You just need to do some rebranding.

Remember: Your brand needs to set you apart from your competitors. Do you know how to create a powerful brand? Tell customers why they should pick you, and they will.  When was the last time you googled your competition? If it’s been a while, do it now! Wait! Finish reading the blog first!

rebranding, brand agency, branding and design, design agency houston, digital agency houston, graphic design companies in houston, graphic design firm houston, graphic design firms in houston, houston advertising, houston brand design3. Your philosophy has changed.

Think back to when you were a child and you knew that you would be Batman when you grew up. Did you get a little older and realize you don’t want to be Batman after all?

Companies go through the same thing, too! Do you recall the philosophy you had when you started your company? It’s changed since then, right? That’s great! Here’s why: If your company philosophy has changed, it means you are attuned to what your consumer’s demand. You notice cultural changes, and your company changes to fit the times.

Remember: Rebranding means innovation, not failure. Your brand represents your company’s journey, so make it a success story! You need to define your brand and it needs to be consistent with your philosophy. Find out more in our blog: Why brand consistency matters.

So, is rebranding for you after all?

By now, you probably have decided that it’s time for rebranding. The ball is in your court, so take back the power!

Need to rebrand? Get a brand that truly speaks for you! You deserve to have a brand that brings your audience to you, and we know just how to find it!