It’s time to re-vamp and evolve! So, what’s next in the web design world?

Yes, you read that right.

In this blog I will talk about the latest, most exciting, and newest, web design trends coming up.

Before I immerse into the key web design trends for 2024, let’s review what has changed from the web design trends for 2023.

So, what’s so different?

Web Design Trend #1: Personalized UX

2023 Web Design Trend – Here’s a sample of how we start any Web Design Project with a Personalized UX

This is still a huge trend that is not going away.

The user experience reached a new level.

If your visitor doesn’t have to think about it to navigate your website, then you nailed it!

Your site is officially intuitive.

This year this trend remains #1 to keep in mind.

Knowing your audience is imperative to be able to fully personalize your website design and ultimately increase conversion, which let’s be honest, it’s what we all want!

The first step is to build your Audience Persona.

This goes beyond a person’s age, gender, and typical demographics.

Knowing about their preferences, favorite sports team, hobbies, or interests can help you create a better design and even write amazing content.

UX Web Design = More Website Sales!

Web Design Trend #2: Voice User Interface (VUI)

2023 Web Design Trend – Allow your users to find you and interact with your website using voice user interface (VUI)

VUI allows users to interact with a website through voice commands.

This trend is still very relevant not only because of the ease of accessibility… but because it will soon be the primary way that people interact with devices and services.

AI is developing at high speed and Voice Search is an essential integration.

AI will help Voice Search recognize more accents and languages as well as include more natural and conversational search experiences.

Voice search is used for search engines, voice activated assistants (Google, Alexa, Siri, etc.), and smart speakers.

If your business is not optimized for Voice Search you are going to be left behind.

Web Design Trend #3: Practicality and Content Centered UX

2023 Web Design Trend – Less clutter makes it easier to read and engage

Yes, ease and legibility of your website design are still important.

Take out unnecessary content and images.

In other words, “Marie Condo” your website.

Great web designers will make content with appropriate, uncluttered, negative space, making it easier to read and engage.

Web Design Trend #4: Minimalism and Bold Typography Designs

2023 Web Design Trend – Here’s one of our client’s website showcasing a minimalist design with some bold typography

Big, bold typography are here to stay.

Combining bold typography with a minimalism twist is your winning ticket to look trendy this year.

From fullscreen images and videos to oversized website menu icons, enlarged elements such as these are eye-catching and less distracting, helping visitors stay focused on what you are trying to say.

And yes, this applies to B2B websites as well.

Web Design Trend #5: Augmented reality

2023 Web Design Trend – Here’s how your user would interact with your website if you add augmented reality

Augmented reality has been on the radar for a couple of years now, but we all hope this year will be the big ‘breakthrough’.

Augmented reality is a valuable addition to an e-commerce website because it allows potential buyers visualize your product in their home or business while shopping.

However, if you are a in the industrial sector, this may not be a trend for you just yet. Keep reading until you hit 3D renderings.

That will make more sense to you.

Web Design Trend #6: GIFS or animations

2023 Web Design Trends – Be more interactive and informative with GIFs

The incorporation of GIFs or animations is still a significant web design trend.

In Particular if your readers will become bored long before they can even read through your pages.

It gives your site more life and personality.

It can also help you provide more information that is not boring to see or read helping visitors stay engaged and spend more time on your pages, leading to a better user experience, higher ranking on your website, and ultimately, higher conversion!

Web Design Trend #7: Sticky Elements

2023 Web Design Trend – Sticky Elements like the social media showcased on our client’s website

Sticky elements gives your visitors more access to more information bettering your site’s navigation.

Just make sure to keep these sticky elements at the top, bottom, or sides of the page, so it does not disturb the website visitor.

Some good examples for sticky elements can be a side button to highlight a call to action, discount, chat-bot, or link to a explainer video.

The easier and more convenient you make it for your visitors, the more website sales you’ll get!

Web Design Trend #8: Chat-bots

2023 Web Design Trend – Here’s a Chat-bot example from one of our clients

Chat-bots have been a major discussion topic last year.

Some love it, some hate it.

In my professional opinion, when properly designed, chat-bots can dramatically increase your website conversion.

When poorly designed, it will also, dramatically plummet your sales!

When properly designed, chat-bots can have different uses:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Book a meeting
  • Buying a basic item
  • Resolve a complain
  • Make a reservation

The key to a winning chatbot is content!

The goal is for the visitor to never know that they are talking to a bot ; )

Web Design Trend #9: Progress Spectrum

2023 Web Design Trend – Example of Progress Spectrum in our own website

Progress spectrums are a great example of UX design.

It helps visitors have a more enjoyable experience with your website by displaying progress through a logical series of numbered steps.

You can use progress spectrums, for example, to help your visitors:

  • Complete a long multi-step form
  • Onboarding process
  • Online ordering

A progress spectrum can present the steps in a more visual way that will allow your visitor to follow along and see the end goal.

Web Design Trend #10: Grid Layouts

2023 Web Design Trends – Here’s an example of a grid layout from one of our clients

Grid layouts have been around for a while and they are here to stay! Grid layouts just make more sense.

Think about it.

They make your site responsive and your website elements aligned and displayed in a clean and neat way.

Grid layouts become handy when you are showcasing projects, services, or your latest blog posts.

Finally, 2024 Web Design Trends!

As you can see, all previous trends will play an important role this year, and it makes sense.

Web design trends are constantly evolving.

Some popular styles just don’t go away quickly. They just get better and better.

Now, let’s jump into what’s new this year!

2024 Web Design Trend #1: The end of flat designs

2024 Web Design Trends – Say good-bye to flat designs

Sniff sniff…let’s take a minute of silence.

Perfect! That that added to my average time spent on page lol

Okay let’s get back on track.

What does this mean? Certainly, it doesn’t mean this:

What it means is that elements in your website should become less flat, becoming easier to use but without losing any of the elegant minimalism of flat design.

Now that more and more screens have become tactile, your design should feel more like in real life.

This means that elements like buttons should have a subtle shadow to make it look more like real-life buttons.

Backgrounds should respect the fundamentals of light and surface.

Just try to think how your website element would look like if it’s a 3D object in real-life.

For more ideas, check Google material design.

It has tackled this seamlessly.

2024 Web Design Trend #2: Colorful Gradients.

2024 Web Design Trend 2 Colorful Gradients

2024 Web Design Trend – Here’s an example of a colorful gradient from one of our client’s website.

If you’re feeling adventurous, here’s an easy and exciting trend to incorporate: Colorful gradients.

Using gradients can help add some personality to your website as well as make it more visually appealing which is always a plus 😉.

Most of all it can breathe new life into your website by creating a sense of depth and playful movement.

2024 Web Design Trend #3: Be Bold.

2024 Web Design Trend 3 - Be Bold

2024 Web Design Trend – Here’s an example of a bold video main banner from one of our clients.

2024 Web Design Trends – Here’s one of client’s website showcasing a bold design

I know what you are thinking. This was also present last year.

However, I mean BE BOLD.

Think Dark mode, Imperfections, illustrations, mix photography with graphics. All this will add personality to your site.

One of the main web trends of 2024 is to give users the option to enable dark mode. Basically, change the entire site to a dark theme.

Dark backgrounds can help reduce eye strain and make design elements stand out more.

Perfect imperfections like hand-drawn elements make your site look more personal. It adds the element of “human.

You can add simple touches like hand-drawn icons, illustrations, lines, kinetic typography, asymmetric layouts, split content, and much more.

Kinetic typography for example, can help drive attention to your design and create a dynamic interaction with your audience.

Don’t be afraid to be bold. Show your true personality to engage with your real audience in a personal level.

The more engaged your visitors are, the more action they will take. The more leads you will get ; )

2024 Web Design Trend #4: Accessibility.

2024 Web Design Trends – Make your websites accessible for everyone!

Accessibility is finally trending!

Web accessibility ensures that websites are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Even though it is not required, soon all websites will have to be ADA compliance, kind of like becoming GDPR compliant.

Making your site accessible requires relatively small efforts with huge impact.

Vox created an amazing yet simple checklist that can help you make your site accessible for all!

Also, keep in mind that if your website has video, consider adding captioning or transcripts to make it more accessible.

There are many plugins in the market that can help you with this as well, however, as always, human transcripts are always better.

2024 Web Design Trend #5: 3D Designs and Rendering

2024 Web Design Trends – Here’s an example of a 3D Design

You thought having a background video was nice?

Well, that is nice, but 3D models and rendering are tha bomb!

Especially if they move as the user scrolls down or hover over the image.

Talk interactive website! – well, we are talking about it on the next section.

3D designs not only apply to a rendering of your actual product.

As in the gaming industry, it can be applied to any kind of graphic design to make it more engaging and ultimately enhance interest in your product and overall brand.

And we all know what that means…yes, you guessed it. More online sales!

2024 Web Design Trend #6: Interactive Micro Interactions and Animations

2024 Web Design Trend 6 - Micro Interactions and Animations

2024 Web Design Trend – Micro animations on a client’s site.

2024 Web Design Trends – Example of how we designed our client’s website with interactivity in mind.

Last year gifs, background videos, and animations were super trending and it will continue that way.

After all, motion is engaging.

However, if you want to grab your site visitors’ attention and get them to take action, add the interactivity element. Micro interactions and micro animations are a great way to create engagement with your audience and create that neat function that everyone will think is cool and remember 😉.

This means that motion will happen when they do something.

Some examples can be:

  • The simplest one: Change of color when they hover over or click on elements in your website.
  • Next level: Automatic menu dropdown opening on user hover.
  • Ninth Dungeon level: Typography or images that runs across the screen.
  • Master level: Your visitor fills out a form or uploads a file and a progress spectrum shows up.
  • Master of death level: Videos that start (without sound please!) as they hover over.
  • Warlord level: 360 effect of a 3D element.

All these ideas (in no particular order) work perfectly to grab your visitors’ attention -when used ALONE.

If you use all of them in one page it will completely defeat its purpose and instead of grabbing your visitors’ attention, it will be distracting.

It’s kind of like when you are decorating a place.

You want to have one element as the focus, and not all of them.

Think about what you are trying to communicate, what’s your story?

And then choose the type of interaction that will work best to communicate that message.

Let’s recap!

We compared the previous website design trends with the new emerging ones. We ended up with 15 website design trends:

  • Personalized UX
  • Voice User Interface (VUI)
  • Practicality and Content Centered UX
  • Minimalism and Bold Typography Designs
  • Augmented reality
  • GIFS or animations
  • Sticky Elements
  • Chat-bots
  • Progress Spectrum
  • Grid Layouts
  • The end of flat designs
  • Colorful Gradients
  • Be Bold.
  • Accessibility
  • 3D Designs and Rendering
  • Interactive Micro Interactions and Animations

By updating your site to stay one step ahead of the game, you will be able to learn more about your audience resulting in a higher conversion rate.

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So how do you visualize your website this year?

Do you know which one will you use?

Or do you have more web design trends in mind, leave us a comment below!