In this podcast episode of Pathmonk Presents: The Digital Growth Marketing Show, Maria hosts an engaging discussion with Patricia and Brenda, the dynamic duo behind Boral Agency. Listen Here.

The sisters and business owners share insights into their entrepreneurial journey, focusing on the agency’s origins in Bolivia and its transformation into a full digital marketing agency in the United States.

They discuss their commitment to helping growing businesses across various industries and emphasize their flexibility, consistency, and strong foundation as key factors for success.

Patricia and Brenda also offer valuable lessons from their own authentic experience, including the importance of pacing growth, wise customer selection, and establishing clear boundaries within the business.

Throughout, they highlight their passion for marketing and the agency’s unwavering dedication to delivering results for their clients, making this episode a compelling narrative of their remarkable entrepreneurial story.


Boral Agency Basics

Boral Agency (formerly known as Boral Branders) opened its doors in 2013, a few years after the sisters both relocated to Houston, Texas, from Bolivia.

In Bolivia, Patricia had previously run a successful branding agency.

Soon after she first arrived in the United States in 2005, she began working in the marketing department of a risk management company and quickly realized that she wanted to do something different.

That’s when she reached out to her sister and recruited her to join in a new venture.

Initially, the two had just $300 and a laptop, but their strength and resiliency enabled them to grow the company into a thriving business with an international reach.

When asked about what Boral Agency does, Brenda explained that the company is a full-service digital marketing agency that “works in collaboration with growing businesses.”

The sisters and their team love working with businesses that know they need extra help, are ready to collaborate, and are ready to grow.

They are industry agnostic as well, meaning they will work with any organization regardless of their field.

However, they primarily work with technology, manufacturing, construction, and B2B companies — and they have a lot of fun doing it!

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How Their Clients Find Them

Boral Agency has experienced significant growth over the last decade, and the team doesn’t have any intentions of slowing down.

When asked how their clients typically find them, Patricia explained that the primary method is through the company’s inbound efforts, which include introduction videos, podcast interviews, and email nurturing campaigns that help with interest-building.

The sisters also like to share case studies and provide engaging micro experiences that get people interested in what Boral Agency has to offer.

Patricia also emphasized the importance of genuinely running the agency like a company — and doing so from day one.

She noted, “A lot of times, digital marketing agencies…come in, and then they disappear after a few years…because they don’t run the company as…an institution.”

Often, a freelancer decides to call themselves an agency while still doing all the work themselves and without scaling the company effectively.

Their Strengths

In response to Maria’s question about the agency’s greatest strengths, Brenda highlighted the importance of consistency, especially for marketers looking to make a name for themselves.

Their messaging is the same on all platforms, and because they post consistently, it’s easy for people to find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.

Patricia also added that her and Brenda’s passion for marketing has also contributed to their success.

Patricia, especially, has always wanted a career in marketing and is happy to be doing what she loves today.

Because they are so enthusiastic about marketing, branding, and collaborating with businesses to help them succeed, they’re able to stay engaged, focused, and innovative.

Their passion allows them to provide the best services to their clients.

Their Growth Story

Brenda and Patricia are proud of their digital growth and that they have attained a global reach over the last few years.

Not only has Maria learned of their company from all the way in Barcelona, but they also have clients in Canada and throughout the United States.

They have plans to expand their services to companies in Europe and Latin America as well.

How did Boral Agency become a global organization?

The company started with very little, and the sisters had to work hard to develop real strategies that would help them generate more leads, make more sales, increase conversions, and build their brand.

They are now committed to learning about the buying journey and the different buying stages (awareness, consideration, decision-making), and they aren’t afraid to experiment and try something new.

They also attribute their growth to their flexible work environment.

Being flexible with when and where their team works (they’re currently 80% remote) has helped with saving time and saving money.

It also allows them to provide a better experience to their team, which helps with their engagement and creativity.

Building a Strong Family Business

Working with friends and especially family can be challenging.

That’s why Brenda wanted to establish a clear operating agreement with Patricia right from the start.

She had previously had a bad experience working with a former friend and business partner and didn’t want to repeat the cycle with her sister.

Brenda and Patricia sat down at a Starbucks together and established the rules of the game.

They clarified how they would engage with each other and discussed all aspects of the business, including the number of vacation days they would take (they both love to travel, so that was a must).

This operating agreement has served as their guide for over a decade, and they expect it to continue being their North Star for years to come.

It allows them to separate business from their personal lives, and they can still spend time together without being completely overtaken by work discussions.

Working together hasn’t driven a wedge between them.

In fact, it’s made them closer.

How They Stay in the Loop

Patricia and Brenda work hard to stay in the loop regarding the latest marketing news.

They bring their team together regularly to come up with ideas for creative content.

During these meetings, everyone presents something interesting that they’ve found — it’s like they’re pitching to each other.

They also do regular training sessions and are committed to learning more about the marketing world, which is constantly changing.

Their team understands the importance of keeping up with updates in the marketing world, especially when it comes to technology, product demos, and the newest ways to communicate with an audience.

The sisters also recommend looking for and joining marketing associations and organizations.

For example, they are members of the American Marketing Association, which provides them with access to the latest news updates and information on media, branding, helpful website extensions, etc.

They like to set aside dedicated time for reading and researching — they know how easy it is to get sucked into three or four hours of reading, especially when you’re reading about something that interests you — which allows them to keep up with the most important news without getting overwhelmed or taking time away from other responsibilities.

What Would They Do Differently?

Although they’re certainly proud of how far they’ve come, Brenda and Patricia would absolutely do some things differently if they could go back in time.

In the beginning, they were thrilled when they got one big project.

They were so excited that they got a bit ahead of themselves and hired a bunch of new people, at least six.

The sisters hired people based on their potential and started scaling too quickly.

If they could go back and do that again, they would slow down their expansion and adjust their business model a bit.

Another thing they would change is being more selective about the customers or clients they work with.

Initially, they would say “yes” to anybody because they were just trying to grow their business.

It would have been better, though, to be clear about their target audience and figure out what kinds of customers they actually want to have as partners.

Even though Boral Agency is industry agnostic, the sisters believe they still could have been more selective about the clients they selected when it comes to where they are in their business, whether or not they’re ready to collaborate and grow, etc.

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Let Boral Agency Be an Extension of Your Business

At Boral Agency, the team acts as an extension of your business.

They collaborate with all of their clients and are passionate about working with people who are genuinely ready to grow.

Patricia and Brenda have been there as small business owners, and they know the struggles you face.

They also know how to help you develop effective processes and systems, establish clear outcomes, and set you up for maximum goal achievement.

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