Why is an elevator speech so important, you ask? Well, this is your 30 second sales pitch in which you have to include everything you want that person to know about your expertise. You must keep the listener interested enough without taking up a lot of time in their day. It sounds impossible, but if you follow these guidelines, it will be a piece of cake.

State who you are and what you do

This sounds obvious, but in the moment you may forget. Simply tell the person your name and what role you play in the business. However, don’t go into too much detail about your daily tasks and responsibilities, a position name with the services your company provides should work just fine.

Describe what makes you different

There are a bunch of companies like you out there, and I bet they have heard elevator speeches from those companies, too. Telling them your specific strengths will be sure to get your listener interested in what you have to offer. Share with the person the aspects that make you unique in your business and why they should pick your company to help them.

Share your goal

Everyone’s goals from the elevator speech may be different. Whether it’s to get a job offer, receive advice, or to sell your services, you must make sure you make it clear on what you want to gain from them. Be sure to include why you are looking for this information so that they can answer your question specifically.

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