The Secret of Successful Blogging for Organic SEO

You’ve been on the fence about starting a blog for far too long, but wait— you don’t have enough time, and you’ll run out of topics! Sounds familiar?

To make it easy for you, I’ll give you the answer first. Yes. Yes, you should start a blog.


We’re glad you asked! (We even wrote a blog about it.) Long story short, blogging is the easiest, most cost-efficient way to boost your Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But what’s the real story?

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Organic SEO is the lottery, and Blogging is the ticket… but better.  

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and lost?

What did you blame it on? Bad luck?

Fair enough. There’s always a bit of luck involved, but don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s also about statistics, and blogging is no different.

Getting your website ranked in a search engine can feel as if you’re betting on luck, but it’s not. It’s about numbers. It’s not a secret that Google Made SEO A Priority.

Every time you post a blog, that’s another URL for your website. The more URLs, the more chances your website earns to be ranked in a search. However, unlike the lottery, blogs offer much more reward than risk—particularly to your wallet.

You might be wondering, “So I can just write a blog about anything, as long as it’s a blog, it’ll bring more people to my site?”

Well, not exactly…

Organic SEO is a very picky blog-eater.

Do you think Chef Gordan Ramsey would give every meal a 5-star rating? By now, we know the answer is no.

Organic SEO is like Chef Gordan Ramsey when it comes to blogs, so it’s important to craft your blogs to stand out against the rest.

How do you do this?

Write blogs for your audience like a chef cooks a meal in Hell’s Kitchen.

Make it unique by adding your own voice. Be the best blog chef by figuring out how your audience likes their blogs served. After all, search engines want to make people happy with what they find in their searches, so your main target should be what your readers want.

Once that blog is baked, sprinkle the keywords in your page titles, headlines, and body content. Keywords are also very important, but remember: not even the best pattern of keywords will save a poorly-written blog or one with obscure topics.

Which brings me to my next point…

It’s like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.  

Are you having a hard time finding reader-oriented topics to write about?

On one hand, you want to write something original. But on the other hand, you also want to follow what people are already reading to stay relevant. You do both… at the same time.

Wait, isn’t that a paradox?

Yes. Now welcome to a writer’s life.

Just like a good story, there are some blog topics that will always be written about. There are even blog topics that you will repeat on your own website. Nevertheless, Organic SEO doesn’t like copycats.

But in the words of Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Big Magic, “Originality is over-rated.”

A different perspective will create different information, which may just be what readers are looking for.

Find another way to address your blog topic. Write from a different angle. Frame the story in a new light. Then watch your blog bring some highly-targeted search traffic.

Another good practice is to break down your most popular blogs into several topics. Go in depth. For example, SEO is a topic of interest for our readers, so we have created several related blogs to educate them. You can find them on our site:

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Consistency is the Key to the Organic SEO lock.

How did you feel when your favorite TV show went on hiatus?

“But it’s Wednesday… how dare they? How dare they leave me with a cliffhanger? I’m here. I did my part. I did my waiting!”

Now imagine if that TV channel changed their schedules all the time. You may be able to forgive it once or twice, but eventually, you would lose interest, no matter how much you like the show. The same goes for your blog. Consistent delivery keeps readers engaged and loyal.

Don’t be discouraged! This doesn’t mean that you need to write a blog every day! Instead, be realistic. Do you want daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly blogs?

Choose and commit. Your readers will thank you for it.

“But I don’t have time!”

Are you having a hard time keeping a consistent stream of blogs? Don’t worry, you are far from alone.

Many business owners struggle to find the time to publish consistent, quality blogs and commit to a blogging schedule. No one wants to read a rushed blog, so why write one?

One the other hand, as you know by now, blogging can have a huge positive impact on your website traffic, and it’s the best way to attract Organic SEO.

What do you do? Easy!

You can start by downloading our easy, 2-page marketing action plan template for free! If you really want to take it to the next level, hiring a marketing agency for an extra writing hand is the way to go.

Are you ready to see your website on the first page of a search engine? Then it’s time to start blogging.