Marketing is a lot like playing football.

To win a football game, you need a good strategy with people that have the right skills to implement the strategy well. Sometimes when that first plan isn’t working, you need to alter the game plan in a way that can succeed, quickly. Marketing works in a very similar way. You need a group of people that have different skills that can design a specific campaign to bring your business to the top. These professionals are able to keep up with the industry and provide whatever works best for the client. Here are some beneficial positions on a marketing team:

Team Leader

This position is the quarterback of your marketing team. They are calling all of the shots in every aspect and fixing whatever needs to be fixed efficiently. This person needs to be able to handle tough situations and still come out on top.

Website Specialist

This person is a website guru that can handle everything for the design, coding, and development. The more that this specialist knows, the better. Websites are key to success of business and the right candidate should be able to keep up with all of the tasks that come with it.

Social Media Specialist and Blogger

Find someone that can take the time to research your audience and can create innovative posts on social media sites and blogs. When you are actively engaging with people on social media networks, it provides a lot more opportunities to find leads.

Content Writer and Designer

It is important to have someone on the team that can write or design all of the content for your websites, blogs, and marketing materials. Having someone who can do it all is a plus. If you stay consistent with your brand, people will recognize you and want to do business with you.


You have to know what marketing methods works to know if you should keep putting effort into them. Someone’s responsibility should be keeping track of all the leads and how you got them. You don’t want to waste time on a method that isn’t paying off.

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