When the world seems to be filled with bad news only, it’s hard to remember that small acts of kindness can remind us of the joy we as humans can create.

So we decided to take it to the next level and add a fun element!

Here at Boral Agency we love team building activities, so we thought, what better way to help our community than by a friendly competition for a good cause!

*Drumroll please!*

We are running a contest to see who can raise more funds to donate to charities all across the world.

We figured, now more than ever charities need us, so each team member chose one charity from our facilitating partner B1G1.

See below what each team member’s charity is and why it’s near to their heart.

You can choose one campaign to donate to, or donate to all!

Our goal is to raise money for the charities, but also the friendly competition side kicks in because whoever raises the most will win a gift card to Harold’s in the Heights (a local Houston restaurant) so everybody wins!


Ready, Set, DONATE!

To donate, click on the yellow buttons that say GIVE NOW and submit your contribution.

Sandra Galicia

Cause: Provide Speech Therapy for Children with Special Needs

Charity: ChildAid
(to donate, scroll below)

Why: As an older sibling to a special needs individual I have experienced first-hand the love and dedication that a family puts into the education of a special needs child. Speech therapy is extremely essential! Help me provide it to other children ❤️

Hailey Bui

Cause: Support Medical Visit for Sex Trafficking Survivors

Charity: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
(to donate, scroll below)

Why: We always have 2 choices: ” Nothing” or ” Do something”. I was born and raised in Vietnam to know that sex trafficking has always been a major underrated problem. Please help me support these survivors 🙂

Patricia Boral

Cause: Feed an Orphaned/At-Risk Child

Charity: Hands Across the Water
(to donate, scroll below)

Why: Losing my mother and father at a very young age was devastating, but it was thanks to the people around me and organizations that lend a had to help me get where I’m at now. Help me return the favor and together we can help an orphan child feel not alone ❤️

Brenda Boral

Cause: Give Medication to a Child

Charity: World Youth International
(to donate, scroll below)

Why: I chose this project because I know what it is to be sick and do not have enough money to buy medicine. I experienced this in my childhood and it was thanks to organizations and good people that donate medicine that I was able to heal and feel better.

David Vasquez

Cause: Build a Water Well

Charity: WellWishers Trust
(to donate, scroll below)

Why: Water is vital for human life. It bothers me that some people do not have access to something so essential. With this charity, we can provide this necessity to people who do not have it, thus decreasing the mortality rate and improving quality of life

Corey Bostic

Cause: Send a Birthday Treat for an Orphaned Child

Charity: The Community Chest of South Africa
(to donate, scroll below)

Why: There are a-lot of orphaned children that are less fortunate. Everyone should at least have gift on the day they were brought into the world. With this charity we can make sure orphan are celebrating life the way every kid should, with a gift!