It’s important to first identify all of the top social media platforms available. Different social media platforms target different audiences, and have their own unwritten rules. Social media has its own language. From shortcuts, to hashtags to links. It’s imperative that you utilize each source appropriately by understanding the social media language.


Most of us are familiar with the Twitter platform. Hashtag hashtag hashtag! Current events and trending topics are organized through hashtags. Hashtags that are used by many people start to trend and show up on twitter feeds the more popular it becomes. Many campaigns have utilized the hashtags to get consumers involved, creating a very engaging social platform. Some brand contests have even been surrounded by creative hashtag submissions, getting thousands of twitter followers to participate. Adweek has even reported that 83% of Fortune 500 companies have some sort of presence on Twitter.


tweetThe corporate accounts that are successful on twitter are the ones that truly listen to their followers. They address complaints and come up with solutions. Twitter is an opportunity for brands to directly speak with their customers and make them feel heard. Tweeting from brand accounts also help to give the brand a personality and really bring it to life. The best businesses on twitter open dialogue with their followers, are friendly, humorous and have a great relationship with their followers. Tag other businesses or individuals by using their twitter handle and start building rapport. Businesses that are interacting with followers can then suggest promotions and links that direct traffic to their website.


With only 140 characters available for each tweet, it is best to use less words per tweet, but various tweets throughout the day. Every hour there is a limit of 100 tweets and a limit of 1000 tweets per day. This means to stay out of twitter feuds or you’ll find yourself in what is called “Twitter Jail” where your ability to tweet will be put to rest. The language of twitter involves short complete sentences. Some small businesses make the mistake of tweeting too much within the hour, ultimately leading to lost followers which is crucial. Losing followers diminishes your exposure and the ability for your content to be shared with people that may not necessarily be in your following network.



Twitter is the platform best for sharing information at a fast pace. Retweeting gives credit to the original tweeter, and lets your followers know what content interests you. Remember to begin to favorite tweets seen on your twitter feed to stay in the know and become a main source for your followers. Also, always check out trending topics. Who knows, you may just be the world’s leading trending topic of conversation.