When it comes to your business or career, LinkedIn is the way to go.It is the most professional social media platform that is used for businesses, job seekers and industry news. The language and etiquette of LinkedIn holds a unique standard against others like Facebook and Twitter. The connections made on this platform serves mainly to grow in one’s career and business through networking.

Company Profiles

The golden rule in using LinkedIn is to always keep it professional.

There are numerous brands that really understand LinkedIn and because of that have generated a great social media presence. Companies excel when they provide content valuable to consumers like articles and blog posts. Share articles and blogs that are business or industry related, and leave the hilarious cat videos for Facebook. LinkedIn should always and only have informative content. If it isn’t business related, don’t talk about it. Include links that direct consumers to your website. This encourages consumers to subscribe to pages and to visit your site more often. The more relevant blogs and posts you share; the greater impact will be for search engine optLinkedIn dictionaryimization. Repeated keywords and phrases are recognized by google and bring up your profile.

Prospective Customers

Social media does fair job of doing your research for you. For example, LinkedIn has already identified your next customer. If you know who to look for, you know who to sell to. The Advanced search tab lets you filter the best connections and individuals who have a need for your product or service. Enter locations, work titles and other keywords to connect you to these prospects gaining you new leads and making new sales.


Ironically, stalking may be most if not only acceptable on LinkedIn. When someone visits your page, you will receive a notification that your profile has been viewed. On any other social network this would be deemed as strange or creepy, but many business leaders view this as being interested in their company, and taking initiative by actively seeking them out. After wrapping up at business meeting with a potential client, look them up and be sure to connect. This way you remain top of mind that may ultimately lead to a sale.The more “stalking” that occurs on your page, the more interest you are receiving.

Once you’ve internalized these tips and have overcome the many language barriers of social media, you will see success! If you are looking for more help on engaging deeper in social media, fill out a form here!