Posting content on your page is key. Businesses should use this opportunity to share meaningful and informative content. Every now and again include posts that show your brand’s character. Ask yourself, what are some articles your target audience would be interested in and how should I manipulate language to connect to them. Posting content makes you more recognizable where your page will be seen on the Facebook feed. This is essentially the “breaking news” section of Facebook.

Pages and Groups

Pages are for entities like public figures, brands or businesses. Becoming fans of pages lets you keep up with the profile. Business pages can also share statuses with videos, photos and even promotional offers. Facebook is a great platform for businesses where monitoring page traffic, likes, invitations and shared posts is very effective for measuring social media reach and interaction. For company accounts, there is even an option for individuals to give a star scale rating on business pages and leave a review that helps to give the company credibility. It is important to be knowledgeable of all the Facebook features and terms for business and personal pages. Be friendly when posting in groups and make sure your content is relevant to the group’s overall interest. No one likes a spammer and a member who obviously only joined to promote or flood the page.


Everyone wants to be someone’s favorite, especially businesses. If an individual’s wants to be a fan of your page, they are choosing to keep up with your brand. These are the loyal individuals that look forward to hearing about what’s happening with your business. Business pages can see the demographics of your fans from gender to location. This information is vital to your outreach strategy. Who are your fans on Facebook, and who are the fans your brand intended to target? If they don’t match, you may have a different audience interested in your business that you have not originally considered.


Oversharing irrelevant information can be counterproductive. Post information that you know your audience would be interested in, but don’t overdo it. When it comes to Facebook, there is an unwritten rule that says limit your posts to two a day. Businesses should be mindful of how exactly their posts are written according to the social media language etiquette. Facebook allows for more characters so posts with a few sentences are acceptable. Don’t leave your audience rolling their eyes every time they see your brand pop up on their news feed. Be a bit froogle when posting statuses on Facebook, making every post count. Have some fun featuring your employees but avoid oversharing personal and inappropriate information.

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