At Boral Agency, we are blessed to be able to work remotely and to offer services that are digital and don’t require a store front.

However, we know many of our family, friends, and clients are not as fortunate.

Through our weekly Virtual Networking series, we hope to offer a little light for anyone who wants to take part.

We are so happy that so many of you found value in our efforts and we thank all the speakers who have participated so far!

How can I join these virtual events and how much do they cost you ask?

They are absolutely FREE!

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Virtual Networking: Social Media Campaigns During Coronavirus

This was our fourth Virtual Networking event! We recognize that going digital may seem like a daunting experience for businesses who are doing it for the first time but it is an important step to take that helps generate leads.

We decided to create this free virtual networking event to help all small businesses stay connected and learna bout Facebook and Linkedin ads!

Our virtual networking event consists of a combination of networking and short presentations.

Our Speakers

Patricia Boral

CEO, Boral Agency

Topic: Tips for Successful Social Media Campaigns

Download Patricia Boral’s Presentation

Hailey Bui

Social Media Ninja, Boral Agency

Topic: How to Create Facebook and Linkedin Ads

Download Hailey Bui’s Presentation

Coronavirus Can’t Stop Us From Virtual Networking!

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