School is back in session, so we are going to help you learn how to get your mobile site more SEO friendly.

Follow these tips to help keep readers find your site when they are on the go!

Legible Content

Try to make your font size big and simple enough so that readers won’t need to zoom in order to read your content. People are probably in a rush and don’t have time to go through a frantic scrolling spree just to read your content.

Easy Navigation

People naturally look at their phones vertically, so it would only make sense to keep the scrolling up and down. Buttons and links should be big enough to where they can easily tap it without opening something else. Don’t waste their time by making them do things they don’t have to.

Local Search Option

When you are out and about and hungry, you usually pull your phone out to see what places are nearby right? When designing and writing content for your site, make sure it is obvious that you are a local business. People are more likely to choose you if they know you are close by.

Responsive Web Design

Double check that your website coding is responsive so that search engines can find your information without you having to make more codes. It helps if you have a simple theme so that you don’t lose readers in the confusion.

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