VIR Case Study

VIR (Valve & Industrial Resources ) was established in 1984 and boasts a team of highly reputable personnel. VIR is a valve sales and manufacturing organization based in Houston, Texas.

VIR services a number of specialized valves, including control and mechanical valves. The company uses a variety of strategies and tools to deploy and service these valve products.

VIR was looking for guidance from an agency with experience in the industry that could help their company with their website’s user experience and design. This is where Boral Agency came in to help VIR sell their excellent services with an extremely user-friendly and attractive website. The biggest need was to upgrade the website to something more modern and highly responsive.

Struggled With

Content Optimization

VIR needed help revitalizing their online voice and was looking for shareable, entertaining, and useful content.

Online Presence

VIR had little to no online presence because of their outdated website and their lack of digital marketing guidance.

We listen to your vision, needs, and goals.

We don’t prepare a generic marketing strategy for all our clients. We meet with you and your team and we listen listen listen!

Each strategy we create is customized to your company, your team, and your goals.

We then review all our research, compare all our notes, analyze your marketing priorities and present you with a plan on how to implement each strategy step by step.

We know our stuff!

After meeting with the VIR team we started the fun part…Research!

We analyzed their current marketing efforts as well as their competitors. We gathered information about his current services and what he wanted to focus on instead and how a new target market could be reached.

Finally, we assembled our amazing team and set responsibilities and timelines.

A Dedicated Team

Director of Digital

Director of Marketing

When you choose us to handle your project you get a dedicated team made up of a diverse group of talented individuals.

You get a team that takes off the burden from you and becomes accountable for your marketing strategy.

Your team is always just a phone call or email away.

The Strategies




Web Design

The new site includes a user-friendly navigation bar complete with an actionable CTA. The key benefits of the company’s services are displayed in the first section of the homepage, along with relevant and eye-catching graphics and photographs.
We took a minimalist approach to the iconography on the site to ensure that more focus could be put on the information provided.

Content Optimization

Content is key for digital marketing, so we made sure to improve VIR’s landing pages. The services page contains numerous secondary pages that detail in depth the individual services that VIR offers. These service pages are complete with associated brands, a customer story, step-by-step guides with graphics, a brief explanation of how VIR handles the service, and a button to request a quote.


We ensured that the photography featured on VIR’s new website exemplified the company’s image and mission by including professional photographs of real VIR employees in their uniforms on the job.

It was also necessary to include a lot of imagery of the valves and products themselves in order to create an image of brand authority.


We also provided professional videography, which included script writing, art direction, and video editing. All together the end result gives the viewer an insight into the company and lets you meet the team!

Full Website