Vecino Health Centers Case Study

The story of Vecino Health Centers is filled with determination, hope and symbolism. Since 1999 their priority has been to move Houston forward by filling the need for high-quality affordable health care to medically underserved.

Vecino Health Centers was looking for a partner who could help them bring their events to life through visual communications.

The Challenge

Graphic Design

Vecino Health Centers were looking for the right partner to help them translate ideas and information into effective designs which would overall help their marketing strategies in the long term.

Localization and Translation

Vecino Health Centers sought assistance in translating English-Spanish materials and localizing content to resonate with the target culture. In addition to translation, we employed various techniques to ensure the content’s full meaning was effectively adapted to the new cultural context.

The Strategies

Graphic Design

With bright design and careful execution, the audience was able to be informed about the upcoming events of Vecino Health Centers through fun and effective designs.


Boral Agency provided printing services for Vecino Health Center for various marketing materials such as thank you cards, brochures, and postcards.

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