University of Houston –
College of Medicine Direct
Primary Care

UX Web Design

The UH College of Medicine launched a Direct Primary Care Clinic (DPC) to improve healthcare access for the uninsured. The strategy we created engaged with their main audience persona, Hispanics.

This included producing bilingual videos and developing an SEO-optimized website to enhance the clinic’s brand identity.

The Challenge

Online presence

UH College of Medicine and the DPC clinic were brand new and didn’t have much of a digital presence. DPC’s biggest challenge was to engage with Houston’s Hispanic market.

Brand Recognition & Awareness

As a new brand, DPC faced the challenge of building both brand awareness and improving its SEO. In a city with hundreds of medical clinics, DPC needed to find a way to stand out.

The Results

UX Web Design

We worked closely with DPC to promote the new clinic while maintaining the company’s vision and goals, allowing DPC to position itself as the trustworthy clinic that they are. Please don’t take it from us; browse their website and see for yourself!

The DPC website offers first-class SEO-optimized navigation and high-quality design to increase patient trust while providing an appealing user experience.

Content Optimization for Wier

Video Marketing

Our target was clear, to establish DPC’s presence in the Hispanic market. We developed a bilingual video marketing campaign that not only enhanced trust for prospective patients but also resonated with the nuances of the Hispanic family dynamic. These videos guided viewers on the incredible health struggles of a resilient Hispanic family on their path to discovering the DPC clinic, connecting on a deeper level with the audience.

Watch Video in English

Watch Video in Spanish

Watch Video in English

Watch Video in Spanish