Rahgozar Law Firm

Pegah Rahgozar of Rahgozar Law firm needed a change on her outdated website. Boral Agency provided her with a new modernized and informative site that allows her clients more information about her and the firm’s background, as well as the immigration services that she provides. Rahgozar was previously unable to keep her clients up to date, and it was more difficult for her new clients that needed legal consultation. Her new website shows that she is approachable and a high-end attorney.

Web Design

Since her new website launched, Rahgozar Law Firm can provide her clients with more relevant information. Scheduling appointments and consultations online is now a much simpler process.

Content Optimization

Rahgozar Law Firm needed to have her content optimized so she could easily send information to her clients. Her new content reflects her compassionate personality and ability to show prosperous results for her clients.

Full Website