ProRoofs Restoration Case Study

ProRoofs Restoration was a brand-new company when they contacted Boral Agency for their first website.

They wanted a site that made it easy for potential clients to book appointments and get free estimates. Their new website has yielded more success in bringing in leads and setting themselves apart from their competitors.

Struggled With

Online Presence

As a new company they needed to build an online presence to create awareness about their services and also to attract leads.


Content Creation

They needed someone to create content for the website that would be easy to read and understand by prospective clients.

We listen to your vision, needs, and goals.

We don’t prepare a generic marketing strategy for all our clients. We meet with you and your team and we listen listen listen!

Each strategy we create is customized to your company, your team, and your goals.

We then review all our research, compare all our notes, analyze your marketing priorities and present you with a plan on how to implement each strategy step by step.

We know our stuff!

After meeting with Hnery Viesca and his team we started the fun part..Research!

We analyzed his current marketing efforts as well as his competitors. We gathered information about his current services and what would be the best website layout that would compliment his strategy.

Finally, we assembled our amazing team and set responsibilities and timelines.

A Dedicated Team

Director of Digital

Director of Marketing

When you choose us to handle your project you get a dedicated team made up of a diverse group of talented individuals.

You get a team that takes off the burden from you and becomes accountable for your marketing strategy.

Your team is always just a phone call or email away.

The Results

I get many compliments on how clean and professional my website looks…and I’ve gotten new jobs because of my new website!

Henry Viesca

Owner, ProRoofs Restoration

The Strategies

Web Design

Pro Roof’s website has an honest, family-oriented feel. Their services are shown on the main page, along with informative videos about their company.

Content Optimization

Through content optimization, ProRoofs and Restoration’s services are now understandable and easily accessible. Clients can familiarize themselves with the company and have confidence that they’ve found the best possible option for their roofing needs.

Full Website