PAR Tech

PAR Tech is an industry-leading company that provides restaurant software and hardware solutions. They create technology that enhances the restaurant experience. PAR Tech has deployed over half a million terminals throughout their journey across at least 110 countries. One of PAR Tech’s main customers is McDonald’s Franchise Owners.

PAR Tech sought out Boral Agency to help them create a video for McDonald’s biggest trade show, the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention. While Boral Agency was making the video, the team noticed that the dashboard needed a crucial UX/UI re-design. That was when Boral Agency offered their expertise to quickly update the dashboard to provide the best user experience right on time for the convention.

The Challenge

UX/UI Design

In between providing services and technologies for restaurants, PAR Tech found it challenging to make time to have a well-designed dashboard. Having a userfriendly dashboard is critical for getting clients in PAR Tech’s industry – which is why they asked us for help.

Lead Generation

One of PAR Tech’s most important goals was to have all its marketing assets ready for McDonald’s Worldwide Convention, a well-known Global Trade Show that over 125,000 people attend, including franchise owners, operators, suppliers, vendors, and restaurant crew. PAR Tech needed help with a new explainer video to sell their software to franchise owners so they could implement the product in their stores.

The Strategies

UX/UI Web Design & Development

When PAR Tech initially approached Boral Agency, they had a perfectly functioning dashboard, but it lacked a user-friendly design. After an in-depth analysis of the dashboard, Boral Agency’s UX/UI designer started to work quickly to deliver the design on time for the convention. Given that PAR Tech’s main interest was to get franchise owners to use the software as well as their employees, it was of utmost importance for Boral Agency to deliver a working user-friendly dashboard for two distinctively different users, and needless to say, the mission was accomplished.


Video Marketing

Boral Agency created a high-quality explainer video directed at the tradeshow’s attendees. The team wrote the script by researching McDonald’s Franchise Owners and analyzing competitors.

Boral Agency then proceeded to record high-quality professional aerial video content. During this process, the team worked on art direction – so the footage was aligned to the scripts – filmed high-resolution, professional shots, and edited the footage to be clean and entertaining. Boral Agency also added custom animations to create a unique and engaging video. You can watch the video here!

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