Memorial Drive Tire & Auto

Memorial Drive Tire & Auto was struggling to expand their credibility to a younger demographic.

The honest company which has been operating for over 7 years was seeking the right strategy for their marketing approaches. They wanted a modern and informative website that could bring in more reviews and younger clients.

After analyzing all the data and meeting with the owners, the Boral Agency Team provided support in content optimization and designed a new website that could easily turn visitors into leads.

The Results

New pages with detailed content about each service.

New in-house marketing assistant trained and ready to go!

Struggled With

Marketing Strategy

MDTA came to us with a need for a new marketing integration strategy to improve brand awareness.


Content Creation

They needed someone to create content that spoke to a younger audience.

Online Presence

Although it has been in the industry for a long time, the company’s weaker link was an incompatible website.

We listen to your vision, needs, and goals.

We don’t prepare a generic marketing strategy for all our clients. We meet with you and your team and we listen listen listen!

Each strategy we create is customized to your company, your team, and your goals.

We then review all our research, compare all our notes, analyze your marketing priorities and present you with a plan on how to implement each strategy step by step.

We know our stuff!

After meeting with the Memorial Drive Tire & Auto team we started the fun part..Research!

We analyzed their current marketing efforts as well as their competitors. We gathered information about his current services and what he wanted to focus on instead and how a new target market could be reached.

Finally, we assembled our amazing team and set responsibilities and timelines.

A Dedicated Team

Director of Digital

Director of Marketing

When you choose us to handle your project you get a dedicated team made up of a diverse group of talented individuals.

You get a team that takes off the burden from you and becomes accountable for your marketing strategy.

Your team is always just a phone call or email away.


“Boral Agency has been a wonderful partner – teaching, guiding, creating plans and then helping to implement them. We have followed their direction, starting first with our website re-design and then moving into social media posting and blogging. They have been essential on every level — and we trust them implicitly. I highly recommend them. We have had the pleasure of working closely with Patricia and Sandra — both consummate professionals and very creative — though i know there are many others behind the scenes whose names we do not know. THANK YOU BORAL AGENCY. You are AMAZING!!”

Nancy Lerner

Owner, Memorial Drive Tire & Auto

The Strategies

Web Design

With an up-to-date website, users can now request a repair estimate and schedule a visit directly. They can also learn more about the technicians and their experience.

Content Optimization

After the content optimization, Memorial Drive Tire & Auto now has a new voice! With an informative and easy to understand blog, the company now has a way to keep their prospective audience up to date.


With new and professional photography to use on their website, Memorial Drive Tire & Auto can proudly showcase their team and shop.

Full Website