Lentz Engineering Case Study

Lentz Engineering was having trouble hiring an effective marketing agency to update their content and website when they first came to Boral Agency.

After carefully researching their marketing strategy and computing initial questionnaires, the Boral Agency team created a website that now clearly captures the true essence of the company.

The Challenge

Content Optimization

The company was looking for the right voice to connect with their audience online.

Online Presence

Lentz Engineering wanted to have a website that attracted leads online.

The Results

New lead on the same day of website going live!


Increased Web Traffic


Mind readers and magicians employed here. Patricia was very helpful guiding me through various steps of having our own professional, business to business, website. It’s as if she knew exactly what we needed. Within a very short time our website was up and running. On top of that, we had a new client contact us the same day of going live and continue to have clients seeking our help. With only a few conversations, The Boral Agency was able understand what we do, who we serve, and how we can help our clients. The whole process was entirely painless and I am completely satisfied with the quality and service we were provided. Thank you, Patricia.

Jarrod Aden

President, Lentz Engineering

The Strategies

Web Design

With an improved user-friendly layout on their website, it is now easier for Lentz Engineering to generate leads online. Website visitors can browse through projects and learn more about the team.

Content Optimization

Lentz Engineering’s voice now connects with the reader and presents them as the customer-centric, trustworthy, reliable, and straightforward, company they are.

The content integrates greatly with the overall layout.

Full Website