Hendrix Fabrication Case Study

Hendrix Fabrication has been in business since 1973 with a loyalty pool of trusting audience for over 25 years when they realized that their website, through time, has become out of date and incapable of representing a strongly-rooted family business. They came to Boral Agency with the hope to create a new website layout and robust technical content.

Meeting with Hendrix Fabrication, the Boral Agency team designed an SEO-friendly website layout and web content that ties closely with the company’s motto.

The Challenge


Content Optimization

Content on their previous website was not up-to-date, wasting the company’s marketing resources.

Online Presence

Although it has been in the industry for a long time, the company’s weaker link was an incompatible website.

The Results

Weeks Return on Investment after going live!

New leads within a week of website going live!

The Strategies




Web Design

The new website layout puts the online visitor first. With an easy to navigate layout and technical documents to download at their fingertips, users can now access all the information from any device. From increasing visibility in a fast-growing industry, to reassuring their existing workmanship, Hendrix Fabrication claims their stand as a stable and perseverant company.

Content Optimization

The new website content makes it easier for Hendrix Fabrication to communicate with prospect clients, send out quotations and maintain rapport with current loyal customers.



Full Website