Gulf Coast Distillers Case Study

Gulf Coast is a new Houston-based distiller with in-house bourbon whiskey and vodka. Their liquors are excellent and the price is unbeatable but being in a competitive brewing industry for 2 years, the company has not had any website to promote their brand online.

The Boral Agency team designed Gulf Coast’s first website.

The Challenge


Content Optimization

The company needed authentic, true-to-size, original content besides from social media.

Online Presence

As the company expands and open new services, the firm needs a stable website to connect with customers and promote their lines of spirit.

The Results

New items for purchase in
their online shop

Visitors per month

The Strategies

Marketing Strategy

Video and Photography


With a brand new website, Gulf Coast is able to educate their audience about the distilling process, the history behind the brand, and their new tasting room. Through videos and appealing imagery, Gulf Coast’s website is indeed a fun journey.

Content Optimization

The Boral Agency team created content that went into detail about the brand’s history, described the distilling process, and introduced the new tasting room.



Full Website