Geoscience Engineering Case Study

As an accredited consulting engineering corporation, Geoscience needed help with their website to showcase all they are capable of and to showcase their amazing completed projects!

With a fast-paced company like Geoscience, the Boral Agency team designed a website that matches the brand’s personality. Content was optimized to pinpoint services offered and encourage direct contact.

The Challenge

Content Optimization

Geoscience did not have anyone in house who could commit to revamp their content.

Online Presence

The company’s website lacked updated information.

The Results

New leads within a week of website going live!


Increased Web Traffic


“I never put a lot of stock in generating business from our website due to the type of firm that we are. However, since the Boral Agency launched our new website (3 weeks now) I have received at least 10 projects!”
Bob Smith

President, Geoscience Engineering

The Strategies




Web Design

The new website layout brings prospect customers and generates new leads to the business.

Content Optimization

How do you make an engineering company trendy?

With Geoscience, the Boral Agency team connected users to the experience itself by optimizing contents that are relatable. Geoscience can now showcase their intention better through pages of content.


From their process to each team member, the new professional photography used on their website shines a light on the company’s greatest trait, their heart!


With a strong introduction video embedded on the website, Geoscience carries a modern look for an engineering corporation.

Full Website