G7 Tech Services

Technology Marketing Strategy

G7 Tech Services is a Texas-built company that help businesses across different industries become highly efficient by creating best-in-class innovative, accurate, and easy-to-use solutions that improve results for the overall company and its people.

They were looking to partner with an agency that could help them grow their brand awareness and online traffic.

The Challenge

Content Optimization

The company was looking for the right voice to connect with their audience online.

Marketing Strategy

G7 was looking for digital marketing guidance. They were in need of a structured marketing strategy that could lead them to their target audience.

Online presence

G7 wanted to have a website that attracted online leads.


Great group of professional women that know what they are doing. They have a great team and do solid work. We will definitely work with them again in the near future.

-Odeta Pine

The Strategies


Social Media Management


Video Marketing

The Results

Increase in Web Traffic

2 Leads

within the first 2 weeks

Marketing Strategy

Boral Agency built a robust marketing strategy for G7 that included a clear vision of the product and its benefits as well as a plan to effectively communicate these to potential customers.

Content Optimization for Wier

Website Redesign

By updating G7’s webpage, we wanted to showcase the company’s expertise and professionalism. We paid attention to UX principles for the redesign process, ensuring each page had a clear call to action and relevant images, infographics, and videos to make it modern and easy to read while respecting the latest design trends.




Content Writing

We updated G7’s content to make it clear, concise, and targeted to its proper audience. This included making sure that their unique value proposition and key differentiators were clearly articulated. We incorporated SEO best practices to improve the visibility of their website on various search engines.

Social Media Management

Boral Agency identified G7’s suitable platforms for social media channels and developed a content strategy with graphic design best practices that improved engagement and brand awareness.

Content Optimization for Wier

Video Marketing

Boral Agency’s video team created an animated explainer video that visually showcased what the company does, how their software works, and how it can solve the potential lead’s problems in a way that is easy to understand.