Economic Alliance Houston Port Region

Strategy for Nonprofit

Economic Alliance Houston Port Region is a business-led nonprofit
organization driving economic growth and industrial progress in the
Houston Port area, supporting infrastructure and policy initiatives to
establish its global commerce stature.

Recognizing the need for greater exposure, they prioritized a welldesigned website as the first step to showcase its initiatives and
enhance stakeholder engagement in the Houston port area.

The Challenge

Search Engine

The Economic Alliance faced challenges in ranking prominently on search engine results pages (SERPs), limiting their online visibility and reach.

Website Re-Design

The Economic Alliance’s website struggled to effectively attract event attendees and members.

Online Presence

Economic Alliance lacked an online presence that would foster meaningful engagement within the Houston port region.

The Strategies


Content Writing


Video Marketing

The Results


Increase in Web Traffic

Event Attendees

Member Registrations

Website Re-Design

Re-Designing their website was the first step in transforming the Economic Alliance’s digital presence.

The result was a game-changing website redesign, integrating advanced functionalities for event management, registration, and payment processing, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Hundreds of registrations started pouring in instantly.


Content Optimization for Wier

Content Writing

Thorough keyword research was conducted to optimize the Economic Alliance’s content for improved search engine visibility.

Crafting compelling and informative content tailored to relevant keywords and topics has enhanced the organization’s online visibility and organic traffic, expanding its exposure and reach.

Video Marketing

Capturing the essence of its events and podcast interviews was crucial for a video strategy that kept their audience engaged, heightening their online visibility and the Economic Alliance’s presence within the Houston port region.

Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews

Promotional Video For Economic Alliance