That’s when Boral Agency came to help. The first task was to create a new logo that showcased their dedication and safe practices. Their website was also completely revamped with a focus on their case studies and capabilities, information that was important for prospective client

Duphil is a solutions-based pipeline contractor that prides itself in their ability to complete safe, quality projects leading to its outstanding reputation.

With over thousands of projects completed, they have become the go-to contractor for producing quality pipeline projects. However, after over 5 decades in business, Duphil was struggling with generating new prospects through their website. The company was relying on loyal customer referrals and repeat business.

The Challenge

Online Presence

In line with an outdated brand, Duphil’s appearance on Google searches became less and less because their content was not optimized for organic search. As the digital age evolves and new companies arrive on the scene, they struggled to keep their position online as the go-to pipeline contracting business.


With a history dating back over 50 years, it’s understandable that an ‘old-school’ business might struggle with an outdated look. Duphil was in need of a re-brand refresher online and offline.


I would highly recommend contacting The Boral Agency if you are interested in driving more business opportunities through your website. The team does an excellent job of taking into account their client’s needs to create online content that will draw prospects to find your business online.”

Todd Ledet

The Strategies

Content Optimization

Video Marketing

Website Redesign

Boral Agency took an obsolete website and gave it one magical facelift. The results transformed Duphil from an old-school pipeline contracting business to one that’s modern and approachable. Users can now navigate the site to find exactly what they need quickly. Since their new website was published, Duphil has received online leads like never before!

Content Optimization for Wier

Brand Identity

Reimagining Duphil’s brand was a comprehensive process that involved market research and brainstorming sessions. Their new logo conveys their values, history, and industry.

Content Optimization

All existing and new content was optimized following SEO best practices resulting in a higher SEO rank for each of Duphil’s services. Moreover, prospects are now able to read in detail about their capabilities, see previous projects, and read their case studies, resulting in higher conversion rates!

Video Marketing

To showcase Duphil’s incredible expertise, professionalism, safety, and highest quality of work standard, Boral Agency’s team embarked, quite literally, into a project off the bay and captured their team of professionals on-site. The results speak for themselves. Watch the video below!

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