Differentiated Research

Before coming to Boral Agency, Differentiated Research was just an idea that the founder wanted to bring to life. The Boral team worked closely with the founder from the beginning every step of the way to help bring this revolutionary business to be. The overall brand was established as straight forward and sleek.
I’ve had a tremendous experience working with Boral Agency. Starting a new business, one can only hope to work with ‘partners.’ That’s what Boral Agency afforded me. They helped me with marketing to start and pivot my business. I highly recommend the social media class if you have no idea how to start building your online presence. Not only did they provide marketing, they took initiative to connect me with others who could propel my firm forward. I have worked with them for about 2 years and will continue to work with them going forward. It’s very rare to find an agency that does it all, the way these ladies do. A special thank you to Patricia, Brenda and Sandra for your continued support!
Tai Docarmo

Differentiated Research


The logo is sleek and modern and represents the overall attitude of this
new up and coming company.


Since the website was launched, Differentiated Research has been able to recruit users and sponsors.

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