Following our last week’s tip on how to “spring clean” your customers, this week we will share with you how to keep it “clean” by targeting high quality accounts from day 1!

Let’s define what is Prospecting:

Prospecting is not cold-calling. is not selling and is not about persuasion,

Prospecting is a “sifting” process.

That means that your main goal is to separate dirt from gold. Applying this concept, how do you know which customers are gold and which ones are dirt?

Target your prospects based on what they want. To do so, first make a list of what characteristics you are looking in a “gold” customer. For example, a “gold” client for you would be a company that participates in Trade Shows regularly. Find companies that are already doing that, that wants to participate in Trade Shows regularly.

Who should you target? Once you have a list of characteristics, make a list of those businesses that you always wanted to sell to, but haven’t. Then categorize them by industry. Make sure you include those industries that statistically and historically do well and those who appear to be doing well right now. Also, pay attention to those who participate in recurring events or are already investing in advertising.

Be prepared, get organized and take good notes. For example, if you are in the promotional products industry you wouldn’t be interested in a company that does not participate on events, trade shows or does not have an employee program in place. Make sure that every time you contact a prospect you take notes, so you won’t be spending your time calling them again.

Rejection is a natural aspect of the sales process but by following a Powerful Prospecting Strategy you will reduce the rate of rejection because you are the one making the decision. Just think about it this way: You can’t persuade dirt to become gold, so it is easier to have a customer that is already active than try to convince other customers to be so.We, from Boral Branders, hope that this can help you find your gold mine!