You’re a savvy B2B business owner. You know that these days, social media campaigns are a must for effective marketing.

Did you know that Instagram is the second most-downloaded free app available, used by one billion people each month and is particularly useful for marketing to younger generations?

In fact, Instagram is the most popular social network among the younger demographic (18 through 49 years old).

And – most importantly of all – things in business change fast and you want to keep up. After all, you’re not going to use the most popular Instagram hashtags of the 2010s. No, you’re already looking for the low-down on 2020.

And we’re going to give it to you.

But, hey, just in case you’re not 100% convinced yet, let’s start with the why.

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How can Instagram hashtags help your business?

How can Instagram hashtags help your business

Instagram Hashtags 2020 – Almost everyone interacts with social media in one way or another

Hashtags are like a free boost for your Instagram posts. Adding just one can help you get more than 12% higher engagement.

But it’s easy to go wrong. Like all powerful tools, hashtags have their pitfalls. If you get overexcited and use too many hashtags, you’ll look cluttered, desperate, and out of touch. If you use the wrong hashtags, you won’t reap all of the benefits you’re looking for (i.e. getting your post in front of the right audience).

And that’s exactly what hashtags are so effective at achieving: getting your Instagram post discovered by the exact people who want to see it. They help you find your audience and they help your audience find you.

So today, we’re going to teach you how to use hashtags to master Instagram marketing for B2B in 2020. Settle in.

Let’s start with the top Instagram hashtags of 2020.

Top Instagram hashtags of 2020

Instagram Hashtags 2020 – Hashtags is an effective way to market

Now, first, a word of caution. These hashtags are the big guys on campus. They’re so popular that they’re being used by millions of people. Using them carries the risk of having your post get lost in all of the noise. But it’s still important to know what people are looking at the most, which means you’ll need to be strategic about the hashtags you choose.

Here goes.


Instagram is all about posting the things you like, enjoy, and that make you happy. #love is a common hashtag to show how you feel about those things.


The classic Instagram caption, #instagood is a way to call attention to your posts. In particular, this hashtag gives you a chance of being reposted by the @instagood page.


Do you tend to post on Instagram about once a day? If so, you might want to let the world know that this one post represents your #photooftheday.

#beautiful, #cute

What is it that we like about photos? Well, it certainly helps when they contain beauty, whether that be beautiful people, beautiful scenery, or beautiful food. That’s when people tend to throw in #beautiful or #cute.


Like #love, #happy is used to point out the good vibes that you’ve got going on in your Instagram post.

#followme, #follow

These are hashtags that people use to send a very straightforward message: I want people to follow my account. It definitely works, but the followers you get might not end up being very engaged (or real).


Similar to #followme and #follow, #followback is an indication that you’re willing to follow any users who follow you. It’s a good way to get your follower number up if you don’t actually care about quality.


A similar idea to #followback, #likeforlike indicates that you’re willing to engage in a quid-pro-quo like-swapping situation.

#me #selfie

Being that selfies are still one of the most popular types of photos posted to Instagram, #me and #selfie are ways to indicate that that is the type of picture you are posting.


Wanna post a photo of you and your crew? This hashtag is an obvious choice to include with it.

Okay, so those are some pretty generic and hugely popular hashtags. But what if you want to use a few that are more targeted? Which hashtags are the best ones to use on Instagram for business owners?

That brings us to the top Instagram hashtags for B2B.

Top Instagram hashtags for B2B

Instagram Hashtags 2020 – We are experts in Instagram marketing

Sure, Instagram is big on lifestyle content, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful for B2B. B2B companies experience their biggest engagement on Instagram, helping you to build trust with your audience and increase traffic to your site.

Whether you’re posting to create thought leadership, to show off your corporate culture, to make announcements about your organization, or to showcase your products, throwing in one of these hashtags (as relevant) can significantly help you increase your chances of meeting your goals.

Check them out.

  • #entrepreneurship
  • #B2B
  • #contentmarketing
  • #Digitalmarketing
  • #SEO
  • #blogging
  • #marketing
  • #branding
  • #marketingtips
  • #marketingstrategy
  • #startup
  • #b2bmarketing

You can also appropriate non-B2B hashtags of the more lifestyle-variety, like these weekly hashtags that are high in popularity.


We recommend using this one for posting motivational content for your potential customers. Show them how much a difference your product makes in a business’s success, motivating them to try it out for themselves.


Can your product transform a business’s success? If so, this hashtag is a great tool for you.


This hashtag is a wonderful option for building thought leadership, so go ahead and use it when you have something wise to say.


TBT stands for Throwback Thursday and is a way to tag content focused on something that happened in the past, whether it occurred weeks or years ago. You can throw it back to company events, achievements, milestones, and more.


Everybody in the business world can relate to that TGIF Friday feeling. This is a great hashtag for posting relatable content that will get people to double-tap.


So, there you go. We’ve given you the hashtag tools. Now it’s just a matter of using them. Go ahead. What do you have to lose? #inspirational

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