Mapping Out Content

You like your website, but you don’t love it. You want to improve it, but you don’t know where to start.

Don’t panic!

Marketing consultants can show you how to create consumer friendly content optimization to boost your client retention. The better you know your consumer’s needs, interests, and online habits the better you will be able to guide them through your virtual journey.

You can start by asking yourself these simple questions:

How do your consumers think?

We all have shopping habits. Your consumers are no different, so put yourself in their shoes.

Do you type when you google search for your product or service? Think about what your consumer’s needs are and let them know you offer it.

Your marketing consultant will know what keywords you should be using within your content. That’s how google will offer your page to a potential consumer.

What other ways can you engage your audience? If visitors respond well to extra information, consider adding media, blogs, or a FAQ page that addresses to customer questions or concerns.

And that’s not all! There’s plenty of social media outlets to engage even more with your target audience!

But wait, do I choose Twitter or Facebook? Or should I start with Instagram?  I need to update my LinkedIn right away!

Relax. Start with the social media outlet your target audience follows most, then add more as you become familiar.

Now you have walked in your consumer’s shoes. That’s effective SEO.

How will your consumer navigate through your site?

Has Google Maps sent you through winding roads or back streets to get you to your destination when there was a highway that could have taken you there directly?

Google searches can make you feel the same way. Give potential clients reassurance that they are on the right page for what they are looking for.

Marketing consultants agree that consumers want to see visual evidence of the product or service they are looking for and they want to see it immediately.

Have even more to offer? That’s great! Expose all the services or products your service offers by providing accessible information without overwhelming buyers.

But how, do you ask?

Organize efficiently! Let them decide if they want to add more to their shopping cart.

“Well I only needed these house slippers, but this Snuggie also deserves a look.”

By separating pages efficiently and leading (not pushing) consumers to consider all their options, you can lead them to their destination with ease.

Make your website easy to navigate. Give your consumers a highway, not a bumpy backroad.

Have you tailored your content to appeal to your target audience?

Sometimes, the way you say something speaks more loudly than the words you choose. Your website is no different.

What does your content say about your product or service? Read between the lines.

Is your content funny? Formal? Technical? Does the tone relate to your product or service?

This is the tricky part. You want to stand out from competitors by having your own voice, but you want to stay in tune with consumer trends.

What’s the solution?

Research, lots of it.  Marketing consultants can help you figure out what type of style your webpage needs to follow and what content will attract more buyers.

So, are you still sitting at a red light?

Whether you’re on the road to content recovery or starting from scratch, mapping out relevant, engaging content is the key—get it? If you want to increase your website traffic to be as heavy as Houston rush hour, then invest time in content planning and take some risks to figure out what motivates people to drive to you.

Are you ready to increase website traffic with the right content optimization techniques? Then consider this your green light! Go!