Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and is your opportunity to make some people feel good to be overly-appreciated one day of the year. Today we are here to give some last minute ideas for that special someone, co-workers and/or employees, and your customers!

1) Gifts for that special someone:

♥ Chocolate: It is a simple and delicious gift for everybody (just make sure that your valentine likes chocolate, because if he/she does not, than this would be a big mistake). With this cold weather, there is nothing more perfect than a movie night, some blankets, your loved one and a box of chocolate to enjoy together.

♥ Coupons: You can make or print from the internet some coupons to give to your other half and make them feel special. Choose romantic activities and combine them with things that your Valentine would or likes to do. That way you would have a great time together and make the day all about your loved one.

♥ Breakfast: This idea is great for busy parents or for companions that travel a lot. All you have to do is get up in the morning and cook things that you know your valentine would like to eat for breakfast, such as eggs, pancakes, bacon, a sandwich, juice or milk. This way your special someone will have enough energy to celebrate the rest of the day.

2) Gifts for employees or co-workers:

♥ A happy employee sure makes a difference in a company. A cheap and fun idea to make your employees feel remembered and considerate is to send a bag of nuts with a note saying: “XYZ Company is nuts about our employees.”

♥ Another way to engage your employees and make them feel important in the company this Valentine’s day is to send notes of appreciation to your staff, noting personal traits and talents you appreciate.

3) Gifts for your customers:

♥ Creating a strong relationship with your costumers is very important. So this Valentine’s Day make your loyal customers feel appreciated. Double up rewards or points when customers purchase specific products or services in February. Extend a special offer such as a free or reduced-price; add a gift with purchase or another incentive to your best customers or loyalty reward members.

♥ Text Message, Gifts are not always about how much they cost, but how meaningful they are. Send your special customers a text message expressing how much you care.

♥ Send a note by e-mail to your costumers thanking them for their purchases and loyalty with a Valentine’s Day theme. Also congratulate them for this day. Remember, each individual costumer is important to your business.

We hope these tips were helpful and that they made your holiday even more special.

Happy Valentine’s Day from your Boral Branders Team!