As the saying goes, those who can’t, teach. Many business owners balk at the notion that they need a marketing coach to teach them how to run a successful business–after all, if the marketing coach had real advice, he or she would own their own business. The reality, however, is far different.

Most marketing coaches do own their own businesses (or work for large marketing firms). Their business is turning your business around. If your small business is underwater in debt or your sales goals have not been met, it stands to reason that you could use some sage advice.

What is a Marketing Coach?

  • A marketing coach is essentially a mentor-for-hire. The purpose of a coach is to act as a teacher who will provide marketing advice and sales staff training tailored to your business needs.
  • The marketing coach model is distinct from a marketing consultant. A consultant does the majority of the work and acts as a permanent member of your business’s management team.
  • Marketing coaches provide the backbone of a marketing plan and then allow the business the freedom to implement their own strategy. The business owner maintains full control over their company’s marketing strategy, and simply chooses whether to accept or reject the coach’s marketing guidance.

How can a Marketing Coach improve your bottom line?

A good marketing coach will take time to learn your company and your business and then provide advice that is most helpful based on your particular situation.

It is common for new small businesses or entrepreneurs to have incorrect assumptions about what marketing techniques will best suit their business. Most entrepreneurs are proactive personalities that have likely attended their fair share of marketing seminars and classes.

Remember that not all seminars provide inherently bad advice, but any advice given in a large group setting is extremely generalized.

If you are concerned about the cost of a marketing coach, you need to realize that it is an investment, rather than expenditure. The goal of a marketing coach is to earn a business more long run revenue. Better marketing means more regular sales over time. Additionally, as word of mouth begins to circulate, the marketing gains will begin to snowball.

As a result, the cost of a marketing coach will pay for itself over time.

Every entrepreneur has a bright vision for the future, but that vision may be hampered by a lack of real marketing experience and knowledge. Asking a marketing coach for advice can help startups achieve their goals for success.