If you made it to the first page of Google, but still are not getting any more visitors than before, then this blog post is for you!

Or, if you are creating high-quality content for your website but not getting any visitors, then this blog post is for you too!

However, if your website is neither on the first page of Google, nor has high-quality content, read our blog to gain some useful tips for your website.

At this point you have probably realized that getting to the first page of Google doesn’t mean that people will visit your website.

I know… could life be easy just once please?!

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. What you need to work on is optimizing your click-through rate so when someone finds your page information on a Google search query, they will want to click on your page and consume your content.

But wait!

Before we jump into the 6 actionable tips, I need you to identify your lowest Click Through Rate pages or blogs, so you know what to optimize.

To do that, you need to go to your google search console and download your search analytics data.

If you don’t know how to do that, visit this google training page: Google Search Console Performance Report

Oh right!

Once you have identified which pages you need to optimize, choose one or all of the 6 actionable tips you can implement today to increase your organic click-through rate.

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Increase Your Organic CTR Tip 1: Change your Page Title

Organic Click-Through Rate: Page title of a web page

One of the most common mistakes business owners make when blogging or creating website content is writing titles that are stuffed with too many keywords.

I like to call it the “Over-Excessively Super Extremely Keyword-Heavy Titles”

Yeah, your click-through rate will definitely suffer with that type of title.

When choosing a title for your posts, it’s okay to pick a long-tail keyword (a specific three or four-word keyphrase) and use it just once.


One time.


Then, add an emotional or relatable element, or include numbers to get people’s attention right away.

For example, let’s say your long-tail keyword is something like

  • “Paving Company Houston”.

An over-excessive super extremely heavy keyword title would be:

  • Houston Paving Construction – Asphalt Paving Houston – Concrete Paving

Instead you can try:

  • Houston Paving Company – Asphalt and Concrete – We Handle it All.
  • Houston Paving Company – Same Day Consultation
  • Asphalt and Concrete Paving Company – Done Right The First Time

Okay so what if you wrote a blog about it.

Numbers are great way to make your title Click-through-rate increase.

Your title could be:

  • 5 tips to choose the best Asphalt and Concrete Paving Company
  • The 3 Unseen Dangers of Paving
  • 7 things paving companies should never do in Houston

Now, once you choose a winning page title, go to your page or blog title and change right away to increase the click-through-rate of that specific page.

Increase Your Organic CTR Tip 2: Change your page Meta Description

Organic Click-Through Rate: A laptop screen with the meta description section of a WordPress post

The meta description is a brief summary of your web page that shows up on search engine results pages underneath the web page’s title.

Here’s an example:

Organic Click-Through Rate: Meta Description of Boral Agency website

The quality of your meta description will have a big influence on your click-through rate.

If you haven’t manually added a meta description, Google will automatically take a snippet from your web page to feature on the search engine results page. To improve your click-through rate, it’s a good idea to create your own snippet and ensure that it includes your target keyword or keyphrase.

To make things more interesting, you only have 160 characters to describe what people are going to find when they click on your url.

Increase Your Organic CTR Tip 3: Use Descriptive URLs

Organic Click-Through Rate: Laptop screen with Boral Agency blog about Google Algorithms

In an ideal world, your website URLs should match the page title and should let people know what they can expect when they click on the link.

For example, imagine that you are writing a blog post and hit publish without manually choosing the URL for that specific blog post.

You might get a blog post URL automatically generated that features a bunch of numbers, like this: https://www.boralagency.com/123456.

The problem with this type of URL is that people can’t easily read or remember it, and they can look spammy to search engines (which is bad news for your ranking and your click-through rate).

But most importantly, you miss out on an opportunity to use your target keyword.

Instead of sticking with the automatically generated URL, update it to make it more descriptive and use hyphens to separate words — for example, https://www.boralagency.com/google-update.

This URL tells people exactly what they’re getting, and it helps boost your page’s overall search engine ranking.

Increase Your Organic CTR Tip 4: Add Visual Content

Organic Click-Through Rate: A laptop open with a Boral Agency blog

I imagine that this sounds very obvious, right?

I’ll assume that you already have images in your web pages and blog posts. Images will boost engagement and increase conversion.

However, you can also take things a step further to improve your click-through rate and boost your search engine ranking even more.

In addition to using images in your content, be sure to optimize those images.

What do I mean by optimizing images?

When you upload a picture, video, or gif into your webpage, you must include your target keyword in the description and alt-text for the image.

This helps your page to rank and show up higher on search engine results pages.

In fact, images and videos play a big part in being included in info boxes in google search results.

Moreover, changing the file name for your images can be helpful, too, as it gives you another opportunity to use your keyword. Remember to optimize the image file size as well. This will help your page to load faster, which is definitely good for SEO.

Increase Your Organic CTR Tip 5: Test Headlines

Organic Click-Through Rate: Laptop screen with two pictures representing remote working

If you’re not sure which headline or title to use for a particular blog post or webpage, test out multiple options before making a final decision. A/B testing can go a long way when it comes to boosting your click-through rate.

Try using social media or Google AdWords to try different headlines and compare their performances.

  • Which one attracts more attention?
  • Which one do people respond to better?

By taking the time to do this, you can ensure better results from your online content. It might take a little more time initially, but it’ll help you see more returns in the future. Doesn’t that make it worth the extra time it took to test?

Increase Your Organic CTR Tip 6: Optimize Website Speed

Organic Click-Through Rate: Laptop screen with Google Page Speed open

Finally, be sure to optimize your website’s speed.

The faster your website loads, the lower your bounce rate (the number of people who click away after entering your site) and the better your search engine ranking.

Remember, people these days generally have short attention spans. They aren’t going to want to wait around for your content to load, no matter how interesting it seems based on the title alone.

If you’re not sure how your website is doing in the speed department, test it today. Visit Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check its speed for free.

If your website speed is below average, send that report to your website designer or developer to make the adjustments so it loads more quickly. Or if you don’t have one, send it to us! We’ll be more than happy to help you fix your site.

The most common issues we see in websites that are slow are:

Optimizing Images

Compressing Files

Getting Rid of Redirects

Improving Security

Minify CSS, JavaScript, And HTML

Recap of How To Increase Your Organic CTR

Organic Click-Through Rate: Laptop screen with list of tips mentioned in the blog

If you are writing blogs but are not getting that many clicks of visits, if you finally made it to the first page of google but still don’t see a spike in your traffic visits, if you scroll down just to read the recap, then these tips will definitely help you!

Take these 6 actionable tips into action and see the increase in your organic click-through rate:

1 – Get Rid of Heavy Keyword Titles

2 – change or add a Meta Description

3 – create a descriptive and Short Urls

4 – add Visual Content with keywords

5 – Test Headlines using social media or google ads

6 – Optimize Your Site’s Speed

There you have it — get people interested in what your business has to offer by getting more visitors!

Comment below which tactic will you be implementing right away and what results are you experiencing or expecting.

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Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be amazed at how your digital marketing strategy (and your business’s bottom line) can improve!

Remember, the main reason you want to improve your organic click through rates is to increase traffic to your site, and overall ranking of your website.

More visitors equal more opportunities to convert them into paying customers.

There’s no secret formula. Marketing and SEO are an investment. If you optimize your strategy little by little, you will generate leads online.

The key is to know your audience. If you haven’t built an audience persona yet, download our free audience persona template to help you.

If you know what drives your audience, or what struggles they are going through, your title can be very relatable. Imagine knowing what specific words your audience is using to describe the problem you can solve! Now imagine how much traffic you can get with a relatable title!

I hope you found this helpful, and if so, make sure you hit those share buttons and comment your answer below. I really want to hear from you!

What tactic will you be implementing right away? Or what other questions do you have when it comes to marketing, SEO, and growing your business?


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