I created my social media pages, now what?

Most people are under the impression that just being on social media networks will be enough to grow their business. However, that is a misunderstood statement. It’s not enough to just have a profile with your logo on it just so you can say you have an online presence. You have to tell people what that logo represents and why they should choose you to work with. These are some of the essentials to incorporate when using your business’s social media sites to set yourself apart from your competitors:

Actively Engage With Audience

  • Prompt responses
    • People recognize when you take the time to respond to their questions. Replying back to posts or comments on pictures is a great way to interact with your audience. You have to remind your followers that even though it’s a company page, that company is filled with people just like them. Don’t make yourself seem like a robot.
  • Ask them questions
    • Asking your followers questions is a win-win situation. Here’s why: Communication makes your audience feel more comfortable with you, and they will trust you more. Also, when you get responses to your questions, you can learn more about what your audience likes and dislikes so you know how to interact with them in the future.

Be Visual

  • Use graphics
    • Pictures and infographics do a great job of capturing people’s attention. Infographics can summarize what the content will be about, but it gives it a more exciting flair instead of making them feel like they are going to read a text book. When you add pictures, make sure it matches your company’s culture and try to take them yourself.
  • Show your company culture
    • What is company culture? Well, it’s basically your company’s personality as a whole. If your team is filled with outgoing and bubbly people, try to make your posts reflect that. For instance, use bright colors and include a similar style throughout your pictures. You want people to recognize that style and be on the look out for more.

If you need guidance in how to incorporate this into your social media marketing strategy, be sure to contact us. We have different packages to choose from that will reach your business’ goals.