There’s so many social media sites out there, how do I know which ones are right for me?

Social media is very helpful in finding opportunities for your business to grow. However, since social media sites are made for different purposes, you have to pick the right ones in order to reach the right audience. We have described each of the most popular social media sites and what they are used for so that you can find the correct one(s) to use for your business:


This is a community website where you can build a network of people that can like, comment, share, and post to your page. About 70% of people online are on Facebook, so it gives you a wide audience. Posts are seen on a timeline and you can even join groups that are specific to you. You have a higher chance of people engaging with you since so many people use it on daily basis.


This site is used mainly for B2B communication, and most of the people on it are business professionals. You can post related articles, blogs, and statuses to connect with people that are interested in your industry. You can join networking groups that will help you grow your business. It provides a specific audience that can help you target your message better.


With only 140 characters to say what you want to say, this is the site that captures the younger generation. This site is used for a constant flow of immediate information. You can post statuses, pictures, links, and videos as much as you want to your profile and all of the people that follow you will see it pop up on their timeline.


Pinterest is a visual communication site, where most of the posts are pictures. This site is a good idea if you have a constant flow of new products or if your audience depends on visuals. You can create different boards that have certain topics. Pinterest is used for recipes, DIY projects, decorations, crafts, and more.

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