How Social Media Can Save Your Business

Today I want to share with you how powerful social media can truly be. Have you heard our story?

As a business owner, you’ve heard the importance of implementing a strong social media campaign for your company, and this story applies to your business.

Let me tell you how social media played such a big role in changing my own company from the beginning to the end.

Our story:

My sister and I built our own firm in 2011, and to our content, we started off on a very good foot! Now, as all small business owners know, that means we were working 12-hour days, forgetting how sleep feels, and feeling the rush of excitement the days we managed to beat the clock.

How did we build our clientele in those early days? Back then, we relied heavily on networking events. This meant setting up booths and meeting all our potential clients face-to-face.

Our original methods continued to work for the first year, then BAM. We hit a standstill. As a digital marketing and branding firm, we spent most of our days with our eyes glued to the computer screen, crafting our clients’ personalized marketing campaigns.

That meant that we had to miss the very networking events that had grown our business. We knew we had to revise our own marketing strategy. How could we stay connected to all our clients, reach out to potential new clients, and stay active in our professional community?

How did I feel? I was afraid, of course! After all, roughly 80% fail within the second year. At this point, we were at the halfway point of that dreadful statistic that we refused to become part of.

We needed a new solution…

What did we do?

We strengthened our social media presence and invited everyone to join. It all started with one Facebook post, which started a conversation, which started a domino effect.

As you know, one post is not enough. To generate leads through social media, we hired a social media specialist, and nowadays, we even have a content strategist.

With our new team, we started implementing the same aggressive tactics that worked with Facebook on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. We noticed some platforms gave us better results than others, and we prioritized accordingly. Even so, there are kinds of posts that work across all platforms, as long as you modify them to fit the language of each given platform.

What Should You be Posting on Social Media?

• Take advantage of trending topics, major events, and especially holidays.

• Create contests, special offers, or free giveaways for your followers.

• Share pictures of your company team going to events, team building exercises, and charity events.

• Announce and share when you attend networking events, conferences, tradeshows, or speaking engagements.

• VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS. They don’t have to be Hollywood quality, you can simply post live videos, like this one:

• Post articles with content that will interest your audience.

Best of all, we sat comfortably at our desks, sometimes wearing our red shoes.

What can you learn from our story?

You can learn to appreciate social media as a networking tool that connects you, the small business owner, to your consumers (AKA: the people who need your service or product).

Let’s look at the details:

• Who are our followers? Marketing experts, Houston professionals, and business owners who want to build their brand.

• How did we get this following? We consistently engaged our audience with a thread of posts, replied to comments, and retweeted interesting conversations about the latest trends in the industry.

• How can you actually use this? Get involved in social media. Follow experts in your field, post regularly so that your target audience turn to you for answers, and regularly connect by engaging conversation.

By the way, this phrase is your mantra: Consistency is Key.

Why Social Media Matters:

You can spread knowledge and educate people about your product or service, promoting your brand in a cost-effective, fun way.

Facebook saved us from throwing in the towel to our company, so imagine what it can do for your business. If you want to know if your social media activity is paying off, you can get a Free Social Media Report.

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Social Media is a great tactic that should be included in your marketing plan. Download our free and easy, 2-page Marketing Action Plan Template to get started on the right foot.