Have you ever wondered why LinkedIn is called what it is?

Its purpose is to link you with other business people to help you increase your opportunities. However, LinkedIn is not like every other social media site. For example, you cannot update every hour or so, like Twitter, at the risk of losing followers. Since LinkedIn takes a different approach to networking, it’s important to know exactly how it works so you effectively create more leads.

Increase your exposure

Posting updates on your page is a great way to let people know exactly what you do. When you post content people are interested in, they are more likely to follow you. Also, when people “like” your posts, that same post gets displayed on other people’s feed. So, the more you post in the right groups the more chances you will have that a potential client can see what you have to offer. However, make sure to keep it under a couple of posts a day at the most.

Targets your audience

LinkedIn gives you the option to share your posts with your connections (followers), to the public, or both. When you narrow down exactly who you want to see it, it eliminates the problem of your target audience missing your message in cyberspace. Once you have narrowed down the people who are interested in your industry, it will be much easier to grab their attention. Be sure to include links to your company social media sites so you can grow your network even more.

Don’t forget!

• Keep it professional
• Don’t post to often like a spammer
• Time your posts for when people will see them
• Don’t be a salesman all the time

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