We live in a world of technologies and we are constantly finding tech savvy people around us. For that reason, it becomes customary for us to design our business plan in such a way that it perfectly aligns to the tech world.

One simple thing to understand is that how you design your business plan determines how easily you can reach your target audience.

Do you keep hearing that you need social media, but you’re still not sure why?

The world is in a constant state of change and the internet is no exception. If you don’t keep up, you’ll be left under the proverbial rock. It’s no longer enough to just have a website or to simply be listed on YellowBook. That is why we want to share the top 4 ways you can help your company through content and social media.

1. Exposure

Once your business name is recognized by a consumer, your chances of being called upon for a service goes way up. Getting your name out in the online social world works the same as advertising for a much smaller price. Plus, you avoid being viewed as another “annoying ad”.

2. Better SEO

Posting links back to your website will increase traffic and boost your page ranking with search engines such as Google. If you can provide content that requires a minute or two to read or watch, it will prevent bounce hits which can bring down overall page rank.

3. Become an industry leader

Being on top of new and upcoming products and events is an important part of staying in the race. Subscribe to blog feeds, tweets, and fan pages related to your field; find out what’s going on outside your doors.

4. Watch the competition

Much like the social window you’re creating for your own company, you can keep an eye on your competitors and what they’re doing. Find out what they’re saying and who they’re saying it to, then do it better!