You can’t go far without immediately identifying a brand. Be it the Facebook logo, the Twitter bird, or the Coca Cola can, brand identity is all around you. What if your brand was instantly recognized like the ones mentioned? To accomplish immediate identification you need to consider the following questions.

1. Is your logo outdated?

Did you create your logo a long time ago back when gradients were the newest trend? You need to always ask yourself how is your logo working with your brand. If your initial logo was yellow and sits very long at its landscape orientation, you may want to consider that unless you always use black paper, your logo may not be the best color and that it may not fit very well in square imprint areas. Always reevaluate the message and image your logo portrays and if need be, change it.

2. What are you doing to create awareness for your brand?

Bring your brand to life with videos, icons, or animations that show case your company’s unique personality, tell your story, and let your clients know what you can do for them. Your brand identity goes far beyond your collateral and logo; it is the visual interpretation of who you are. Storytelling videos are currently on the rise because companies have figured out they work. All they are, are videos that express the raw feel of your company in a genuine matter so that current and future clients can learn about your brand and engage with it.

3. What makes your company unique among competitors?

Stop and think about what your clients think is your greatest value. Is it size, experience, creativity, service, price, or something else? Stop guessing and ask them.

4. Are you attending networking functions?

It is important to join groups, attend trade shows, or any sorts of networking events where you can show case your expertise and your brand. The moment you make a connection, your brand gains a potential admirer. Make sure that the products and images you are using to promote your brand are aligned with its overall image and are making an impact by instantly connecting fans with the brand itself.