If you want the least expensive way to bring people into your website, organic SEO is the way to go. Even though these methods can be more time consuming to do, you will have long term results. Organic SEO uses strategies that don’t stop when you stop paying. There are many ways that you can alter your website to get found on search engines. In our experience, these are the top three practices that get our clients the best results:

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1. Blogging

Writing a blog for your company is a great way to get people to come to your site. The compelling content you create will have loyal readers constantly returning, and the keywords that you use in your blog will help new visitors to your website when they are searching for your topic. It also helps to write as frequently as you can with diverse topics of discussion. Keep in mind that the more links that are added to your page just by using the blog will help you get higher on search results.

2. Content Optimization

Create material that people would want to share with their families, friends, and coworkers. Within your content, it is important to incorporate as many links to your site as you can. That way, when people are sharing or liking your posts everyone who sees it will have access to your site, and you will then grow your network. Optimizing your content to display the right messages will make it easier to be found in cyberspace.

3. Social Media

Engaging with your audience through social media sites will help your brand show up on search engine sites because all of the networks that you are share similar information to your website. The more sites that are displayed with your name, the more credible you look as a brand. It doesn’t hurt that social media helps you interact with your customers and that interaction will increase sharing of your content.

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