Put these two things together and you will have successful online marketing power couple!

Social media and email blasts are the key ingredients to create more opportunities for your business to grow. The more people see your information, the more chances you have a converting them into customers. These are some positive outcomes to incorporating them together:

Expand your network

By adding icons of your social media sites to your emails, it is easier to get people to see your message through different mediums. If people share or forward the information from your email blast, the people that get them will automatically see your social media sites and that will increase your audience automatically. People like to engage and get their information with companies in different ways, so you want to give them options so you don’t lose any good leads that could be good for your business.

Increase of your conversion rate

Since so many more people are seeing your company’s information by incorporating social media and email blasts, you are increasing your chances of converting these visitors into customers. Why is that? It is because people can’t learn about your business if they’ve never heard about it. You can even ask your current customers on your email list to forward the information to friends, and BOOM! With this, your network of potential customers automatically increases and so will your chances of them wanting to be your customer.

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