Boral Agency, a dynamic and forward-thinking marketing agency with a global reach, is delighted to announce its inclusion in the prestigious list of the Largest Houston-Area Hispanic-Owned Businesses for 2023, as recognized by the Houston Business Journal.

For over a decade, Boral Agency has been a beacon of success, marking its presence in the marketing industry with a unique approach that blends creativity, collaboration, and a focus on tangible results.

Houston-Area Hispanic-Owned Businesses

Boral Agency’s extensive experience in crafting campaigns for the Hispanic market, combined with their personal connections to the culture, enables them to create culturally resonant and effective campaigns.

This approach fosters trust, credibility, and deeper connections between brands and their Hispanic consumers, spanning various industries.

Established 12 years ago by sisters Patricia Boral and Brenda Boral, the agency has grown from humble beginnings to become a thriving force in the marketing landscape.

Houston-Area Hispanic-Owned Businesses

Patricia Boral, Co-Founder of Boral Agency, reflected on the agency’s journey, saying, “When my sister and I embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure, we faced numerous challenges, but we persevered. Today, we are proud to be recognized among the largest Hispanic-owned businesses in Houston.

Our commitment to our clients, our core values, and our dedication to excellence have been the driving forces behind our success.”

As Boral Agency celebrates its inclusion in the esteemed list of the Largest Houston-Area Hispanic-Owned Businesses for 2023, the company is eagerly looking ahead to the next phase of its remarkable journey.

With a decade of unwavering dedication to clients and an impressive track record of delivering outstanding results, Boral Agency is well-positioned to explore new horizons.

The agency’s founders express their excitement about broadening their reach to new markets and connecting with clients on a global scale.

Houston-Area Hispanic-Owned Businesses

As part of their growth strategy, Boral Agency looks forward to expanding its team with creative, driven individuals who share their passion for delivering tangible results and fostering long-term success.

“We firmly believe that our team is at the heart of our success,” says Brenda Boral, Co-Founder of Boral Agency.

“We are eager to welcome new talents who will contribute to our culture of collaboration, creativity, and accountability. Together, we will achieve even greater heights.”

Boral Agency remains committed to upholding its core values of resilience, integrity, family, diversity, and fun creativity.

These values will continue to guide their journey and ensure that they maintain the high standards that have defined their success.

In conclusion, Boral Agency’s inclusion in the Largest Houston-Area Hispanic-Owned Businesses for 2023 is not just an accolade; it signifies their steadfast dedication to growth, excellence, and creating value for their clients and team members.

The agency looks forward to building new partnerships, expanding its team, and reaching new heights in the coming years.

As Boral Agency continues to make its mark in the marketing world, Patricia and Brenda Boral’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.