Did you know you only have about 7 seconds to make a first impression? It’s something important to think about when going to networking events. How can you connect to people so they will leave with a nice perception of you? Everything goes back to the way you market yourself and how you portray your confidence. Well you’re in luck because branding and marketing is what we do! So have no fear, Boral Branders is here.

Shake off negativity.

If you go to an event and all you can think about is how your feet are going to hurt, how people are going to bump into you, or how hungry you will be if they don’t offer food then you will have a horrible time no matter who you talk to. Be positive and think about all the interesting people you will meet and learn about, about trying your best to find prospective clients, and all the fun you will have talking in detail about the company you work so hard for. If you think positive it is highly likely you will have a great time

I scream. You scream.

It is very important to listen to whoever approaches you and match their voice. 38% of a person’s first impression is determined by tone of voice. What does that mean? If someone greets you with a calm and soft “Hello, my name is Jane what is your name?” don’t reply with a “Hi! I’m so excited to be here! My name is Mel! Are you having fun? I’m having fun!” Don’t talk fast and loud if they are talking to you soft and slow. If you can match their voice you sound more like a friend, or someone they feel safe talking to.

Dress for the place.

If you have an interview coming up don’t be scared to drop by the place, walk around, explore, and observe how the people there dress. If you do that you will have an idea of how you should dress for your interview. 55% of your first impression comes from how you present yourself visually, be it clothing or body language.

Small talk your way to the big talk.

Pay attention to detail and comment on someone’s company lanyard, uniform, business card, or giveaways and strike up a conversation. Be friendly, welcoming, and try to connect. Don’t forget that people do business with memorable people they like and feel they can trust.

No one is youer than you.

At the end of the day when you have researched the people you will be meeting, or even looked them up on LinkedIn, you will be filled with ideas and icebreakers. However, everything will be of no use if you are nervous and uncomfortable so remember to always be yourself.