Technology is constantly changing, is your website keeping up?

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business that is just starting out, having a current website is very important. People trust companies more when they have a more modern and updated look because it shows that they are still in business and that they are successful at it. You don’t want to miss out on new opportunities just because of your outdated website. How do you know if you need to update your website, you ask? Well, we have come up with a few warning signs that could be telling you that you should do so as soon as possible.

Outdated pictures and content

Make sure that you are incorporating new information to your website as soon as you have it. You don’t want to be talking about things from previous years. If your home page looks grainy, has old Microsoft fonts, or the colors don’t flow right, it is time for an update. You want your page to have a professional look so that people will take you seriously as professionals and they will want to do business with you.

Broken links

Nothing is more frustrating to visitors when they click on a link and nothing happens. Be sure that all of your links are connected to each other. If you have a lot of broken links currently, it is crucial that you take care of that as soon as possible. Be sure to double check that all your links are connecting to the appropriate content in a timely manner.

Not mobile friendly

Computers are not the only way that people explore the Internet. If your website does not look or function well on mobile devices you lose a lot of visitors. Since people are probably on the go or in a rush if they are using their phone, they do not have time to scroll, zoom, or to attempt to click small links.

Not getting leads

The most important indicator that you need a revamp on your website is the simple fact that you are not getting any leads from it. Make sure that you are incorporating SEO so people can find you on search engines and optimize your content so that the information is credible and up to date. You can learn more about these on our previous blog posts.

Do these warning signs describe your website? Be sure to contact us, we would love to help!