The Holidays are around the corner and it’s the perfect time to bond with your clients and let them know you are not going anywhere. You have been by their side the whole year helping them be successful and they should know you are going to keep doing that because you love your job. Keeping in touch with clients is essential to your profitability because having loyal customers maintains your business stable. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that.

1. Express your appreciation.

You do not have to buy them expensive golf clubs, or invite them out for a fancy dinner. A gesture as small as sending them a holiday card shows you think about them and you appreciate them doing business with you. Sure you can send them a touching email, or an e-card, but that doesn’t really demonstrate effort on your part. A basket of goodies, postcards with a discount for their next order, or if you have the budget, a client appreciation event, are a few more thoughtful ideas.

2. Follow Clients On Social Media.

If your client is a fresh start-up business they are going to need all the social presence they can get. By contributing to their social media following you can show your support and also help spread the word on their great company. Another upside to following your clients is that it keeps you updated on their latest news and events. If you are informed on their upcoming events or projects you can offer your help and services.

3. Update your blog regularly.

Keeping a blog fresh and alive takes a bit of time, but by posting tips or suggestions for your clients’ businesses that they will find useful and thank you for, will feel like a big reward. You want to let your clients know that you’re an expert on your field of work.

4. Share a great deal.

If your business has a promotion coming up and you think it will interest a client, call them and let them know. The more you know about your clients the more suggestions you will have regarding their wants and needs. Over time they will realize that you are not after their money and that you genuinely want the best for them and their business.