One of the first things you scope out when you go to an interview is the people. You picture yourself working with them every day and it is a deciding factor on whether or not you really fight for the job. Having a positive relationship with your co-workers is essential to your job and here are some tips for you to build that relationship stronger.

Share your insights.

Everyone has something they are really good at and enjoy doing. It could be math, art, sports, etc. Share your knowledge with your co-workers. One of the many advantages of diversity in the workplace is that everyone is so different and can contribute a distinctive perspective and experience to every project.

Help each other on projects.

Two heads are better than one. Sometimes working in a group and bouncing ideas off each other is just the kind of thing you need to get inspired. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help and don’t be hesitant to offer help. If you see a co-worker struggling lend a hand and strengthen your bond.

Get to know each other better.

Knowing someone goes far beyond knowing their birthdays or their majors. Pay attention to your coworkers. Like a teacher respects her students’ learning styles and a coach knows what strategies work best for his team, learn to be mindful of your coworkers’ work habits and preferences. Maybe Suzie dislikes to chitchat when she’s really focused on her typing, Danny can’t function without his morning coffee, or Jenny likes knocking out one project at a time and dislikes when you pile up work on her desk. The office becomes a more enjoyable place when everyone knows the drill. If you show consideration for everyone’s way of working, you will have shown that you took the time to understand, and that you care enough to try and do the things that work best for everyone involved.

Make some time for happy hour!

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing after a long day of work at your local bar or restaurant for happy hour? Although happy hour is a common activity between coworkers why not try new things? Go to seminars together, organize a company picnic, or go do something out of the box like painting. As long as you are enjoying each other’s company in a respectful yet relaxing way go for it!