Whether you are at a networking event specifically, riding the elevator in the office, or getting a coffee at a local shop, you never know who you are going to meet. That’s why you need to be prepared to talk business anywhere at any time. We have put together this list of things to keep in mind every day so that you are ready and confident to network successfully.

Carry business cards at all times

You don’t ever want to be stuck in a situation where a potential customer that is interested in your company asks for your business card and you don’t have it. The best way to always to prepared is to have separate stacks of them in different places like your desk at the office, your purse or briefcase, your car, and at even at home to restock.

Don’t just talk, listen

When you are networking it is important to remember that you are not just selling your business to someone else, you are also seeing what their company offers. Make sure you listen to their side of the conversation as well and tell them what you can do for them based on what they say. You don’t want to waste your time on someone that is not in need of your services, so pay attention.

Write on their business card

Some conversations go really well really fast, so you don’t want to forget any good leads you have. After you talk with someone, write on their business card about what you talked about so when you reach out to them you can give them a more personal proposal. If you write specifically what service they could benefit from, that will help you in the future.

Always Follow Up

The day after you meet with someone, make sure to send a follow up email or give them a call. This is especially important if the person you talked to was interested in your services. You want to strike when the iron is hot, so don’t miss a good opportunity by waiting too long to reach out.