Here at Boral Branders we are trying to educate ourselves in the best green practices for the office and we’d thought we’d share with you some of the best things we came across through our research.

 1. PCW, What’s that?

Are you buying recycled paper or do you only think you’re buying recycled paper? Let’s get one thing straight. Just because a packet of paper has a recycling symbol on the label doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what you should look for. Instead, a label with the words 100% PCW, which stands for post consumer waste, is the way to go. It has the least impact on the environment. Although, if you ask us, we should avoid printing so much unnecessary paper altogether; there’s a choice for paperless statements these days and we are big fans of Drop box over here.

 2. Remanufactured ink and toner cartridges? Yes please.

Through the Office Depot website, we learned that: remanufactured ink and toner cartridges cost an average of 15% less than national brands and come with a 100% money back quality guarantee. One returned cartridge keeps approximately 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic out of landfills. Remanufacturing one toner cartridge also conserves about a half gallon of oil.

3. Turn off. Everybody turn off.

It’s about that time when you start eyeing the exit door and begin gathering your belongings. Is turning off your computer part of your end of the day routine? Well if it isn’t, it should be. Turning off the computers, printers, and other appliances when it’s time to go home can save around 50 percent of the energy being used. If you would just turn off the appliances that are not being used during the day, it would save at least 25 percent. If you use a power strip then your one switch off away from saving energy.

4. Carpooling is so much fun!

Why not get together with your co-workers and make a carpooling schedule with rotating designators? Riding with your co-workers to work will allow you to save some gas money, reduce the carbon footprint, and get your day started on a good note while you chit chat on the way.